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Lagos Fashion Week: A celebration of African and Nigerian fashion

By France24
26 October 2023   |   3:16 pm
As Africa's cultural heavyweights gather in Lagos for its 13th iconic Fashion Week, we speak to the event's founder about a unique UN study that lines the continent up as a major influence on the future of fashion. Also, the march of progress in Dakar tramples over the Senegalese capital's green spaces in a building boom. And as the numbers of Africa's penguins continue to plummet, scientists are warning that in little over a decade there may not be enough left to survive in the wild.


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3 days ago
Nigeria has begun the rollout of the MenFive vaccine in high-risk areas, securing millions of doses to protect children from all five strains of meningitis. The potentially fatal disease poses a grave threat to young children globally, with sub-Saharan Africa being particularly vulnerable to it.
4 days ago
Millions of people in North America gear up for a total solar eclipse, with one newspaper giving out fashion tips for the event. Meanwhile, British runner Russ Cook becomes the first person to run the entire length of Africa, raising over half a million euros for charity in the process. Finally, Chechnya bans music that is too fast or too slow.
3 days ago
Sudanese civilians been suffering the consequenses of a one-year bloody conflict between the Sudanese army and the country's main paramilitary group, the Rapid Support Forces with no end in sight.
3 hours ago
Nigeria's government says the rise will only affect 1.5 million consumers, mostly manufacturers. But analysts believe the hike will lead to higher inflation and result in job losses and closures of businesses.
1 day ago
A decade on, the world has largely forgotten about the Chibok girls, who were kidnapped by Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamist militants. But for victims and their families, like Solomon Maina, who is still waiting for news about his daughter, the tragedy is ongoing.
3 hours ago
Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Wale Edun says 4.83 trillion naira from T-Bills and Bonds issued in the first quarter of this year was used to pay part of the Ways and Means advances from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Sam Chidoka, CEO of Kairos Capital joins CNBC Africa for more on this discussion and Nigeria's debt management strategy.