Saturday, 24th February 2024

Science & Tech

2 mins ago
Doctors in the U.S. are struggling to contend with burnout, staffing shortages and overwhelming administrative workloads, according to a new survey. Despite these challenges, 83% of doctors in the survey said they believe AI could eventually help. More than 1,000 doctors were surveyed between Oct. 23 and Nov. 8 in the study, commissioned by Athenahealth.
1 day ago
One of the standout features of TikTok's algorithm is its emphasis on content relevance over creator popularity. This means that even if you're new to TikTok, your content can still get significant visibility if it resonates with users.
3 days ago
A veteran satellite is to make an uncontrolled descent to Earth this week after almost three decades in orbit. But the European Space Agency says debris from the ERS-2 is highly unlikely to hit anyone.
3 days ago
The Digital Services Act sets out effective means for all actors in the online ecosystem to counter illegal content, but also illegal goods and services: Users are empowered to report illegal content in an easy and effective way.
4 days ago
Seaweed grown at a large scale could help reduce up to 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year and is super low maintenance. They also help to reduce ocean acidification that is caused by increased CO2 in the atmosphere and decreases the pH of the ocean.
18 Feb
As people continue to turn to artificial intelligence for romance, new research suggests that almost every romantic AI companion disregards your privacy, and could be selling your data. We take a closer look in this edition of Tech 24.
18 Feb
Japan's space agency, JAXA, successfully launched its next-generation H3 rocket into orbit after facing some initial setbacks.
17 Feb
The United States took a major step towards returning to the Moon on Thursday when the first private lunar lander took off from Florida. SpaceX, the American company founded by Elon Musk, successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket carrying the lander, nicknamed Odysseus, from Cape Canaveral.
16 Feb
White House official John Kirby said the capability is concerning but has not been deployed yet. The statement came after a vague warning from the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee.
10 Feb
Jakarta (AFP) – On a typical workday, Vinanda Febriani starts her morning in Indonesia scrolling on her phone. But her goal is slightly different than most Gen Zers -- she is scanning for disinformation posts.
7 Feb
Fake ads and TV news interviews are going viral on social media, used as advertisements promoting apps and games to get rich quick. The faces of several celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Kylian Mbappé and news presenters from around the world are being distorted by AI deepfakes – including our own here at FRANCE 24. Vedika Bahl takes a deeper dive into these invented interviews in this edition of Truth or Fake.
6 Feb
Two decades ago, Facebook kicked off the rise of social media. But an initial enthusiasm has now given way to disillusionment, and criticism of the company's practices is growing.
5 Feb
Facebook has been accused by rights group Amnesty International of contributing to violence during the brutal two-year conflict in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region.


2 mins ago
On January 6, the US aviation regulator FAA ordered the temporary grounding of certain Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft operated by US airlines or in US territory, affecting 171 planes.
1 hour ago
Russian investigators have said they are carrying out a 14-day forensic "investigation" of the opposition leader's body. Navalny's family has so far been refused access to his remains.
1 hour ago
Israel's GDP fell by 19.4 percent in the last quarter of 2023, according to preliminary figures published by the country's Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday. It's the biggest contraction the economy has seen since the early days of the Covid pandemic, and can be attributed to the impact of the war on Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attacks.
2 hours ago
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in South Korea amid reports that communist North Korea is supplying weapons to Russia for its war against Ukraine. The alleged arms transfer was condemned at this week's meeting of G7 foreign ministers in Tokyo.
2 hours ago
His life was worthy of a novel. An Armenian orphan who arrived in France as a stateless refugee and became a poet and Communist activist, Missak Manouchian was a figure of the French Resistance during World War II.
3 hours ago
Germany's reliance on exports made it particularly vulnerable to changes in global trade patterns, he said, and the broader structural problem for the German economy was its lack of workers. Without migrant workers Germany's economy would collapse, Mr Habeck said.