Monday, 4th December 2023

Science & Tech

19 Nov
More than 140,000 Earth orbits and a quarter century on, the ISS is still a place of peaceful collaboration for science. Here's what you need to know.
14 Nov
Nepali lawmakers said internet providers had already begun blocking access to TikTok. It follows a similar move by India in 2020 to ban the Chinese social media app.
12 Nov
TikTok is facing criticism after a damning Amnesty International report accused it of pushing children and young people towards harmful mental health-related content. Our Science and Tech editor Julia Sieger tells us more.
10 Nov
Elon Musk's generative AI venture, xAI, has launched Grok, its rival to ChatGPT. The billionaire is hoping to capitalise on the artificial intelligence revolution. While the private sector races to profit from AI innovation, governments are scrambling to keep up, vowing to protect humanity from potential catastrophe. So what might AI regulation look like? We discuss the issue with French tech entrepreneur Denis Jacquet, founder and CEO of Top Cream.
6 Nov
Global leaders and AI developers have been meeting in the UK at the world's first global summit on AI safety to assess the risks and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, and also to discuss regulation of the emerging technology.
5 Nov
Genetic modification has never been easier. The CRISPR genetic scissors enable targeted intervention that transforms animals and plants according to our needs. It also works in humans. The hope is that many diseases can now be eradicated.
4 Nov
After analyzing billions of words, the dictionary publisher has chosen the abbreviation of artificial intelligence as the word of the year.
4 Nov
Predictive policing is a proactive strategy that uses data analysis, statistical modeling, and AI algorithms to forecast when and where crimes are likely to occur.
3 Nov
Solving space junk problem may require lasers and space tugs, NASA says. "Some remediation approaches may achieve net benefits in under a decade." A new NASA report finds the space debris problem could be greatly reduced in as little as 10 years, with a little help from lasers or space tugs.
2 Nov
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosts world leaders and tech executives at Bletchley Park to discuss the future of the AI industry. Also in this edition: office-sharing firm WeWork is reportedly close to filing for bankruptcy, and Greek olive oil producers face rising thefts as prices skyrocket.
26 Oct
Maddens is one of the hundreds of social media users who are accusing the world's largest social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and TikTok – of censoring accounts or actively reducing the reach of pro-Palestine content, a practice known as shadowbanning.
24 Oct
As the Israel-Hammas war rages, Meta has profusely apologised for adding ‘terrorist’ to some Palestinian Instagram accounts and blamed an auto-translation glitch for the apparent gaffe.


6 hours ago
Victories in key Indian states put Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a strong position ahead of general elections in 2024. It was a blow for the Indian National Congress, leading an alliance hoping to unseat Modi.
6 hours ago
At least 20 people have been killed by floods after heavy rain in the Manyara region of northern Tanzania, the ministry of health said on Sunday, with video released by the Tanzania Red Cross Society showing muddy waters gushing down streets.
7 hours ago
Spotify, a digital music service, could be seeking to boost its profitability with the move. The Stockholm-headquartered company has never posted a full-year net profit.
8 hours ago
There is league football action to look forward to in the next couple of days; Much Maligned Manchester United goes up against an inconsistent Chelsea, Manchester City faces Aston Villa while Juventus locks horns with Scudetto holders Napoli to begin the Serie A weekend. My name is Ayomide Sotubo and here's our preview of these games on the Nutmeg on Guardian TV.
9 hours ago
Born in South Africa during apartheid, Pretty Yende grew up singing hymns with her grandmother on the way to church. This past May she dazzled Westminster Abbey at the coronation of King Charles, cementing her status as one of the world's most sought-after sopranos. Yende says her journey is proof that nothing is impossible.
9 hours ago
Destruction of the Amazon rainforest has significantly decreased since Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was reelected Brazil's president. His government has strengthened the agency monitoring illegal deforestation.