Thursday, 29th February 2024


25 Dec
Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress, model, and media personality. She spoke with GuardianTV about her Skin routine and what keeps her fit.
14 Dec
Japanese stylists have been making their mark on the Paris fashion scene since the 1980s, and continue to prove their mastery of the art of merging form and movement. Yohji Yamamoto, Yusuke Takahashi for CFCL, Maiko Kurogouchi and Satoshi Kondo for Issey Miyake – all these designers have a knack for taking the pulse of the planet, and, in turn, proposing new ways of dressing. We went to meet them in this edition of Fashion.
10 Nov
Denim can never go out of fashion but it’s waste is a global phenomenon. However, Uche Aladinma is on a mission to put an end to it. His brand focuses on creating fashionable and durable streetwear from recycled denim.
10 Nov
What are your predictions for the incoming fashion season 2024?
9 Nov
What celebrity wardrobe would you raid?
26 Oct
As Africa's cultural heavyweights gather in Lagos for its 13th iconic Fashion Week, we speak to the event's founder about a unique UN study that lines the continent up as a major influence on the future of fashion. Also, the march of progress in Dakar tramples over the Senegalese capital's green spaces in a building boom. And as the numbers of Africa's penguins continue to plummet, scientists are warning that in little over a decade there may not be enough left to survive in the wild.
14 Oct
The Fulani are a nomadic group of people found across West Africa. Nigerian economist-turned -fashion designer Aisha Babayo Shehu creates unique pieces that merge her nomadic culture with contemporary fashion.
7 Oct
Models with disabilities took to the runway at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday wearing clothing designed to meet their needs.
1 Sep 2023
We bring you reactions from the pan-African and French press after the coup in Gabon and appointment of a general as transitional president. What future awaits the region? Also: one of India's richest families, the Adani Group, is accused of stock market corruption in a damning report. Finally: Japan's prime minister eats fish from Fukushima's radioactive waters to prove that it's... not radioactive!
27 Apr 2023
The EU wants clothing companies to come up with greener business models by 2030, but can we live without fast fashion? Two Polish women are showing how we can rethink our relationship with what we wear.
12 Apr 2023
Ariana Grande calls for people to stop commenting on others' bodies and apparances in plea for body positivity. Yet with size 0 models prevalent on fashion runways, is the body positivity movement all talk and no action?
13 Mar 2023
Entertainment journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi described the celebrity looks on the Oscars "champagne" carpet on Sunday, saying that white gowns, ethereal looks and embellishments emerged as the key fashion trends this year.


19 mins ago
EU lawmakers have voted to pass the bloc's flagship law to restore degraded ecosystems. It came after weeks of farmers' protests against enviornment policies across the EU.
20 mins ago
The former and the sitting presidents seem set to repeat the 2020 presidential race. A sizable Arab-American community in Michigan withdrew support from Biden, over his policies on the war in Gaza.
2 hours ago
A “historic day” for Sweden who will finally be able to join NATO after Hungary’s parliament ratified its bid. Also in the news: French schools start their student uniform trials as part of a controversial national experiment.
2 hours ago
South Africa has recorded a significant increase in the killing of rhinos by poachers. The uptick comes despite government efforts to crack down on the illegal trade in horns.
4 hours ago
Rarely discussed but extremely common: sex drive mismatch. It's very normal for couples to have different libidos. And you can fix it. Here's how.
4 hours ago
Los Ardillos is one of 16 crime groups in Guerrero that battle over drug-trafficking, kidnapping and extortion rackets, according to Defense Ministry documents cited by the daily Milenio. The state is a top producer of opium poppy, the main ingredient of heroin.