Saturday, 13th April 2024

Controversial: American parents accuse Peppa Pig of making their children ‘brats’

By France24
29 February 2024   |   10:32 am
A “historic day” for Sweden who will finally be able to join NATO after Hungary’s parliament ratified its bid. Also in the news: French schools start their student uniform trials as part of a controversial national experiment.


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6 Apr
Have you heard of "La France moche", or ugly France? In this episode, we discuss how the expression is often used to describe shopping centres on the outskirts of French towns and cities. We also find out how the government wants to beautify these areas, which are particularly popular with French shoppers.
8 Apr
Romania’s efforts to become a core member of the European family – something that has not happened yet, as the country was only partially admitted to the border-free Schengen travel area at the end of March.
7 Apr
In the third and final part of our Rwanda series, we head into Rwanda's breathtaking countryside to discover a unique artist's residence, created by cultural changemaker Cedric Mizero. He takes Eve Jackson and the arts24 crew on a trek through a eucalyptus forest for an immersive open-air theatre experience in which 150 artists take part.
1 day ago
In Greece, the success of the tourist industry is making it difficult for local Greeks to keep up with surging property prices. Short-term rentals are booming, while chain stores are replacing local retailers. Residents are being forced out, with more than 40 percent of their disposable income spent on housing – more than in any other European country. FRANCE 24's Nathalie Savaricas, Laurent Laughlin, Aris Dimitrakopoulos and Nikos Kollias report from Athens.
4 days ago
We look at stunning pictures of the total solar eclipse. The Atlantic reports on the harrowing fate of the Maasai tribe in the Serengeti. Finally, Scrabble releases a new version aimed at less competitive players!
1 day ago
According to a string of reports, Harry Kane’s three children are said to have been injured in a multiple vehicle car accident.