Tuesday, 28th November 2023
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3 days ago
Children are being affected in devastating ways by the ongoing conflict. Hamas militants killed several children in Israel and abducted over 30. In Gaza, the WHO says a child is being killed every 10 minutes.
21 Nov
At least 40 per cent of Pakistan children have stunted growth a year after devastating floods. The futures of a generation of children in Pakistan remain “seriously compromised” a year after devastating floods, with an estimated 40 per cent of children suffering from stunted growth.
20 Nov
Antibiotics are the preferred treatment for children, but they are becoming increasingly ineffective. How dangerous is antibiotic resistance in children?
7 Nov
31 Oct
With winter on the horizon, desperation is growing among the thousands who were displaced by the recent earthquakes in Afghanistan. Activists doubt the ruling Taliban will be able to manage the crisis.
30 Oct
After fleeing horrific violence in Sudan's West Darfur, refugees are arriving to Chad traumatized and with children who are often malnourished. Zeinab escaped to Chad with her two children after armed men attacked her home in El Geneina and killed her husband.
29 Oct
Spain's human rights ombudsman found more than 1% of the adult population of said they were sexually abused as children by members of the Catholic church or lay people such as teachers at Catholic schools.
22 Oct
Some Argentinians carry a heavy family secret. Under the country’s military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983, their fathers were police or military officers. As such, they were responsible for the disappearance of up to 30,000 people, according to human rights groups. These men have since been accused – and sometimes convicted – of crimes against humanity.
11 Oct
Ordinary life in Gaza is suspended. The Palestinian enclave of 2.4 million people, roughly the size of Malta, is under siege with constant Israeli air bombardment and the looming prospect of a ground offensive. Health authorities say dozens of children have died in the air strikes over the past 72 hours. In Perspective, we focus on the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza for children, and what is being done to help them during the crisis. Jason Lee is Save the Children's Country Director for the Palestinian Territories.
8 Oct
Some 200 million under-18s use the internet in China, and at least 24 million of them are considered addicts. In the coming months, Beijing will block their internet access from 10pm to 6am. The amount of time they can spend online each day will also be limited, according to their age.
6 Oct
A new UN report says that more than 43 million children were uprooted between 2016 and 2021 due to weather disasters fuelled by climate change.
17 Jul
Authorities said the children who spent more than 40 days in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash in early May are doing well now. They appeared emaciated in photos taken shortly after they were found.


9 hours ago
One month after opening a Tesla factory in Berlin, tech enterprenuer and billionaire Elon Musk opened the newest electric car making facility in Austin, Texas.
10 hours ago
We look at the profiles of some of the hostages released by Hamas over the past three days and take a look at how Israeli papers are reacting to the hostage release deal. We also see why there's little optimism ahead of this week's COP28 climate summit in Dubai. We finish with a look at this year's highly timely Booker Prize winner.
10 hours ago
Samuel Paty was killed by a suspected Islamist after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to his class. Five teenagers are charged with identifying the teacher to his killer for payment.
11 hours ago
North Korea has sent troops to restore border posts that were taken town as part of an agreement to ease tensions, Seoul says.
11 hours ago
The protesters were blocking shipping traffic at the Port of Newcastle over the weekend, challenging the nation's dependence on fossil fuel exports.
11 hours ago
Lecture topic: For the world to respect Africa. Keynote topic: Federalism is the answer, What is the question?