Monday, 26th February 2024


1 day ago
Farmers in India say they feel cheated by the government after waiting years for their demands on minimum pricing to be met. They are once again faced with barricades and tear gas as they try to reach New Delhi.
16 Feb
Hundreds of Congolese women march in protest against the international community, whom they accuse of hypocrisy over its response to deepening conflict in the east of the country. Millions of people have been killed there since 1994.
13 Feb
Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo fired tear gas to disperse protesters who burned tires and US and Belgian flags near Western embassies and United Nations offices in Kinshasa on Monday.
1 Feb
The French call the first general policy speech of a prime minister before parliament the great oral exam. That expression takes on a whole new layer of meaning when the prime minister is just 34.
1 Jan
Protesters in Serbia have blocked major roads to dispute the results of elections that saw populist leader Aleksander Vucic's party secure the largest share of votes.
23 Dec
The Finnish government has cited security concerns for the closure of all border crossings between Russia and Finland. Russian-speaking Finns say their rights are being violated.
18 Nov
French papers focus on the nationwide demonstrations against anti-Semitism that took place on Sunday. While the massive turnout suggests some degree of unity on the matter, the presence of the far-right National Rally party divided opinions. We also take a look at the Al-Shifa hospital which is taking centre stage in the Israel-Hamas war and finish with a look at why dozens of bird species in the US and Canada are getting new names.
1 Nov
In Zambia, the right to assemble is guaranteed under the consitution but the reality is often different. Police are accused of infringing civil rights by withholding permits. But what needs to be done to change this?
8 Sep
The US Open became the latest high-profile sporting event interrupted by environmental activists demanding the end of fossil fuel usage. The Extinction Rebellion group said it used the event as their "last resort."
8 Sep
The Greek island of Paros, in the Cyclades, is a popular tourist destination during the summer season, when around 450,000 visitors flock to the picturesque island of 12,000 inhabitants. But locals have become exacerbated by this huge influx of tourists and the illegal privatisation of certain beaches. Protests have even erupted on Paros under the banner of "Reclaim the beach".
4 Aug 2023
Supporters of Niger's junta planned a march in the capital Niamey on Thursday to protest sanctions and demand the departure of French troops, which are stationed in Niger to help it fight an Islamist insurgency.
30 Jul 2023
A top court in the semi-autonomous territory has turned down an effort to ban the protest song "Glory to Hong Kong." The anthem emerged from the city's widespread pro-democracy protests in 2019.


41 mins ago
The technological and economic feasibility of CCS is central in the conversation around "abated" production. Given the challenges that the technology has faced, limiting its use and efficacy to date, it is clear that CCS is not able to abate emissions from fossil fuels sufficiently.
43 mins ago
Agriculture ministers from around the European Union are gathering in Brussels this Monday to discuss ways to address demands of protesting farmers. In today's Business Daily, we look at some of the proposals put forward by the EU Commission to make things easier for farmers. Also in this edition, FRANCE 24's Emerald Maxwell takes a look at a type of online scam called "pig butchering", where users of dating websites fall for fake crypto investments.
2 hours ago
The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Monday that "the world" may undershoot the 3.3% merchandise trade growth rate for this year.
3 hours ago
However, in recent decades the country has also begun coming to terms with some of its colonial-era atrocities, including in Tanzania and Namibia. Germany's mass killings of Nigeria's Indigenous Herero and Nama people in the early 1900s has been referred to by many historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.
3 hours ago
As the country gears up for its first elections since 2020, human rights activists have said the conditions for a democratic vote do not exist in Belarus. The regime is doing its utmost to keep voters under its control.
5 hours ago
Discover the hidden masterpieces of female artists spanning centuries, from Hildegard of Bingen's mystical illustrations to Sonia Delaunay's vibrant abstracts.