Sunday, 25th February 2024


26 Jan
In Israel, only a minority of young people refuse to carry out their military service, which is compulsory for both men and women. These conscientious objectors, known as "refuseniks", have always been stigmatised in a country where the training is considered a rite of passage that forges national identity.
23 Jan
A video of a Palestinian baby doll covered in blood is going viral, as users claim that this doll was deliberately made by Israel. We tell you who actually created the doll in this edition of Truth or Fake.
21 Jan
The Houthi rebels are already winners in the current Red Sea confrontation, observers say. Thanks to US strikes, they have boosted their own legitimacy in Yemen and further afield. Even critics have praised them.
13 Jan
The International Court of Justice is to hold hearings this week on a case brought by South Africa, accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza and seeking a halt to its military campaign. Israel has described the allegations against it as "baseless" and intended to stir up lethal hatred of Jews. FRANCE 24's Shirli Sitbon tells us more about South Africa's decision to file the case, the Israeli response and what's likely to happen at the hearings.
12 Jan
South Africa's landmark case against Israel for its war on Gaza began on Thursday at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the World Court based in The Hague. Pretoria is accusing Israel of committing the crime of genocide in breach of the 1948 Genocide Convention.
12 Jan
Israel is being taken to court by South Africa over allegations of genocide. Here are the most important questions before proceedings get underway in The Hague.
4 Jan
The plans for judicial reform by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu created a deep divide in Israeli society months before the Israel-Hamas war broke out.
27 Dec
Israel has documented several acts of sexual violence by Hamas-aligned militants on October 7. They pose a challenge to a fundamentally conservative Israeli society that has long grappled with how to talk about rape.
24 Dec
A group of independent journalists have spent weeks investigating how Israel uses artificial intelligence to carry out air strikes in Gaza. Officially, the IDF has said little more than admitting it uses an AI system known as "Habsora", or "The Gospel" in English. The journalists' research raises the question of whether the high civilian casualty rate in Gaza is a result of Israel's extensive use of this AI system.
24 Dec
Germany unconditionally supports Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza, and that does not sit well with country's Palestinian community, which is Europe's largest. In the capital Berlin, artists and activists are making themselves heard, showing solidarity with Gazans being killed in Israeli air strikes.
23 Dec
How long can Israel's government dismiss the pressure? The US defence secretary is in town after a week in which Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu, for the first time in 10 weeks of war, pointedly aired their differences publicly over the way Israel is conducting its ground operation in Gaza and the plan for what happens next.
22 Dec
The prospect of normalized relations between Israel and Arab nations is fading as public anger at Israel's ongoing bombardment of Gaza grows. Could it lead to radicalization or violent extremism in the Middle East?


42 mins ago
The UN's rapporteur for freedom of expression has asked Philippine authorities to review the cases of journalists detained in the Southeast Asian country.
42 mins ago
Two years after Russia's full-scale invasion began, around a fifth of Ukrainian territory remains under Russian occupation – a repressive regime where arbitrary detentions, beatings and torture are the norm.
1 hour ago
Readers beware: Digital books save forests but also create toxic e-waste. Paper, meanwhile, is a renewable resource, though billions of hard copy books produce a high carbon footprint.
1 hour ago
Farmers in India say they feel cheated by the government after waiting years for their demands on minimum pricing to be met. They are once again faced with barricades and tear gas as they try to reach New Delhi.
1 hour ago
According to EU data, EU and member state support to Ukraine as of January 2024 totaled roughly €71 billion in military, financial, humanitarian, and emergency assistance; when €17 billion in EU funding to help Ukrainian refugees in member states is added, total EU support reaches over €88 billion.
3 hours ago
While emphasizing that the fencers would still need to make the US team on merit, sports bodies in the country have given Lokhanov and the Bidas their backing.