Thursday, 7th December 2023


14 hours ago
Two of the 23 Thai hostages released late November spoke exclusively with DW. They talked about what they saw during their captivity in Hamas' underground tunnels.
3 days ago
The Israeli press celebrates the release of 11 more hostages, as the media in the Arabic world focus on the Gaza ceasefire and release of 33 Palestinian prisoners. Meanwhile, Elon Musk's visit to Israel is met with disgust by one newspaper.
4 days ago
Since at least November 17, the Israeli army has been claiming that they found Hamas tunnels located under Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. However, many social media users are now claiming that the Israelis have simply discovered tunnels that they dug themselves. We tell you who might have built these tunnels in this edition of Truth or Fake.
1 Dec
Humanitarian aid workers from Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross and the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) are the latest victims of the Israel-Hamas disinformation war; their organisations have been accused of supporting either Hamas or Israel in viral videos shared online. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.
29 Nov
Since the October 7 Hamas attacks, India has become a hub of fake news and Islamophobic content. On social media, as well as on 24-hour news channels, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has inflamed Hindu extremists, venting their hatred of Muslims under the guise of support for Israel.
28 Nov
We look at the profiles of some of the hostages released by Hamas over the past three days and take a look at how Israeli papers are reacting to the hostage release deal. We also see why there's little optimism ahead of this week's COP28 climate summit in Dubai. We finish with a look at this year's highly timely Booker Prize winner.
26 Nov
The hijacking of the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea is a further escalation by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in their support of Hamas. Yet it's unlikely the militia will be a severe threat to Israel.
25 Nov
The hijacking of the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea is a further escalation by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in their support of Hamas. Yet it's unlikely the militia will be a serious threat to Israel.
25 Nov
The hostage deal, once implemented, will be the first pause in fighting but not end the war. Here is what else you need to know.
25 Nov
The leaders of South Africa, Russia, China, Brazil, India in the BRICS bloc called for Israel and Hamas to "exercise maximum restraint," and urged allied countries to prevent the conflict from expanding.
25 Nov
Children are being affected in devastating ways by the ongoing conflict. Hamas militants killed several children in Israel and abducted over 30. In Gaza, the WHO says a child is being killed every 10 minutes.
25 Nov
Amid domestic debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict, Europe's far-right parties continue to push anti-migrant rhetoric. But like the rest of the political spectrum, they're divided.


3 hours ago
Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Friday.
4 hours ago
After decades out of fashion, a declaration to triple nuclear capacity at UN climate talks suggests a revival. Some say it's necessary to help curb emissions, others call it a needless distraction.
4 hours ago
The nationwide strike will likely cause thousands of cancellations and begins at 21:00 GMT on Thursday until the same time on Friday evening.
6 hours ago
A woman who was forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) as a young child in her native Somalia has told FRANCE 24 how she managed to turn her life around and transform her horrific experience into a force for good. Shamsa Araweelo has received around 70 million views of her TikTok videos, in which she explains using rubber models exactly what FGM does to a woman.
6 hours ago
The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is heightening the terror risk in the EU, according to the bloc's home affairs commissioner. The warning comes after a German tourist was killed in a knife attack in Paris.
7 hours ago
China's cold and flu season is in full swing. Images of full hospital waiting rooms and memories of Beijing's opaque response to investigating the origins of COVID have drawn global attention.