Monday, 26th February 2024


17 Jan
British energy major Shell has said it will sell its problematic onshore operations in Nigeria to a consortium of mostly local companies as it exits part of its business that has operated since the 1930s.
4 Nov
In this special edition of Access Asia, we're at Paris's Quai Branly museum, where a new exhibition, "Bollywood superstars", looks back at a century of the Indian film industry. With more than 2,000 movies per year, Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in the world. It evolved from performing arts and silent films to today's big blockbusters. We speak to the exhibition's co-curator Julien Rousseau, as well as Mahina Khanum, a Bollywood dancer and choreographer. Plus, we explore how India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is increasingly using the country's cinema to push its Hindu nationalist agenda.
23 Jun 2023
The Indian prime minister addressed US lawmakers as part of his state visit in Washington. US President Joe Biden hailed ties between the two countries, with Modi saying his visit opens a "new chapter" in relations.


3 hours ago
Following the fire outbreak at Agbado Road, Toyin Bus Stop, Iju Ishaga on Tuesday night, GuardianTV decided to visit the scene to get more information. Here's what people had to say.
3 hours ago
The Al Ula event saw individual men and women, as well as teams of up to four, spend 8 hours running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and swinging over a trail in the middle of the desert. British athlete Jon Albon took the men's individual honors with Australian Ryan Atkins finishing second and American Mark Batres third.
3 hours ago
As shoppers await price cuts, retailers like Home Depot say their prices have stabilized and some national consumer brands have paused price increases or announced more modest ones. Yet some industry watchers predict deflation for food at home later this year.
1 day ago
German bishops are concerned about right-wing extremism and have explicitly positioned themselves against the populist Alternative for Germany. An unusual move, as they are usually loath to comment on political parties.
1 day ago
Neither side has gained significant ground in the war started by Russia's invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago. DW's Nick Connolly visited Ukrainian artillery units near Bakhmut, who are into their second winter on the front lines.
1 day ago
In wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Germany is re-examinig compulsory military service. The defense minister has called for the draft's return. A 2023 poll showed broad support - also for including women.