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‘In Argentina, I had a real friend’: Maduro reacts to Maradona’s death

26 November 2020   |   9:38 am
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reacts to the death of football legend Diego Maradona, who passed away at the age of 60.


17 Jan 2017
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounces what he calls a 'hate campaign' against US President-elect Donald Trump and says his administration would not be 'worse' than Barack Obama's.
7 Dec 2018
Russian President Putin has voiced strong support for his Venezuelan counterpart but made no mention of new loans. Beleaguered South American leader Nicolas Maduro is dependent upon Russia for his survival.
1 Jul 2019
The US Treasury Department has passed sanctions on Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra for serving his father's "illegitimate regime." The US said it would continue to target members of Maduro's inner circle with sanctions.