Monday, 20th March 2023

Why Apple would be interested in satellite operations

By Bloomberg
22 April 2017   |   4:29 am
Apple Inc. is testing self-driving cars and exploring augmented reality. Recent hires suggest the company is now also looking to the skies.


24 Dec 2018
In the latest case in a legal battle between the US chipmaker and US smartphone brand, a German court gave the nod to the chipmaker. It means older iPhones will come off the shelves of Apple stores in Germany.
17 Mar 2019
While steps are being made and some countries have accomplished it, Universal Health Coverage still remains simply a goal to be achieved by many African nations. CNBC Africa sat down with the Deputy Director of Global Primary Health Care Systems for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Jean Kagubare, to discuss how he thinks nations can move closer to making this ambition, reality.
16 Apr 2019
Documentary takes a viewers to Chibok in virtual reality form
8 Sep 2019
'Extended reality' and education
19 Sep 2019
The horrific reality of a psychiatric hospital in Venezuela
1 Oct 2019
Pakistan's Imran Khan, a superstar faced with the harsh reality of power
22 Oct 2019
In the not-so-distant future, humans may be having babies through artificial wombs.⁣ Here’s how scientists plan to grow human embryos in a lab using artificial wombs.⁣
16 Oct 2020
Film critic Lisa Nesselson talks to Eve Jackson about prize winning Iranian film "Yalda: A Night for Forgiveness" inspired by a reality TV show and "The Trial of the Chicago 7" directed by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who made "Molly's Game" with Jessica Chastain.
30 Nov 2020
Once the preserve of gamers with deep pockets, the pandemic is giving Virtual Reality the boost it needs to go mainstream. Avatars, virtual auditoriums, and smart glasses ... the financial sector is bringing the office vibe to employees' homes with the help of Virtual Reality.
5 Dec 2020
Capitol Carbonic has for decades produced dry ice for companies that need to keep their wares very cold, but fielded a call from a new customer recently: Pfizer, looking at ways to chill its Covid-19 vaccine.
23 Jan 2021
Papers in Tunisia are struggling to make sense of the protests that have flared up just after the country marked the 10-year anniversary of its revolution. Papers agree that the country's politicians are to blame for focusing on political infighting rather than the concerns of the country. We also look at alarm over ongoing violence in Ethiopia's Tigray region and a #MeToo moment over incest in France. Plus, the inauguration may be tomorrow but Joe Biden's dogs have already been sworn-in in an online "indoguration" ceremony.
19 Mar 2021
In a few weeks, the second season of the immensely popular reality TV show “Ferme Factory” (Farm Factory) will air across Senegal. But in contrast to the glitter and glamour usually associated with such shows, Ferme Factory is far from that: For four months, 20 contestants compete to get their hands as dirty as possible, facing various farming challenges, including both sowing and plowing. The winner is awarded with his or her very own farm, along with three years of agricultural training.