Sunday, 4th December 2022

What is cyber warfare?

Besides soldiers hurling rockets and bombs, hacker groups backing Ukraine and Russia are also fighting each other. They are trying to disrupt or paralyze critical infrastructure. Yet as in most wars, civilians suffer the most.


25 Mar
The world was stunned when Russia launched an old school ground invasion of Ukraine. But how about the great cyberwar we had been warned of? Ukrainian institutions and companies have been hacked, but none of the major attacks are taking out power grids and telecom networks – at least not yet. With the Russian military using Ukrainian mobile networks on the battlefield, some wonder if the West overestimated Moscow's tech savviness.
22 Sep
With its joint expertise in security and technology, Israel has become a cyber security powerhouse over the past decade. The former head of Israeli cyber policy, Eviatar Matania, was key in that evolution. He founded and led the Israel National Cyber Bureau under former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and recently co-wrote "Cybermania," a book tracing Israel's cyber revolution.