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Singapore drone frees your fingers to take photos

By Reuters
07 December 2017   |   1:34 pm
Researchers in Singapore have found a way round the frustrating task of framing and taking photos using consumer drones.


16 Feb 2017
The French Air Force is training eagles from a young age to snatch drones from out of the sky.
21 Feb 2017
The first app-based solution to help drone owners and general aviation (GA) pilots avoid collision has been launched in Switzerland.
21 Mar 2017
As drones get cheaper and more powerful, even off-the-shelf consumer drones are being turned into weapons.
4 Jul 2017
U.S. meteorologists are using UAVs to improve weather forecasting through the study of atmospheric physics.
10 Jul 2017
Swiss-based scientists are developing computer vision algorithms to help drones 'see' and understand their environment.
20 Jul 2017
Nigerian government to ban unlicensed drones.
20 Sep 2017
Researchers have developed a drone with the capability of transporting and delivering an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to rural areas in the first few minutes after cardiac arrest to facilitate early defibrillation.
28 Dec 2017
A snowstorm in Erie leaves more than 65 inches of snow, triggering a state of emergency.
2 May 2018
France 24 journalists meet eyewitnesses (Observers) to discuss memorable events they have experienced. The programme brings to the airways the unique journalistic online project ''The Observers''.
13 Dec 2018
Rwanda made headlines as the first country to pilot blood deliveries by drone. Ghana’s parliament has now approved its own drone project, despite initial skepticism.
23 Dec 2018
Multiple sightings of unmanned aerial vehicles over the airport's runway grounded and rerouted flights overnight. Gatwick is Britain's second-busiest airport after Heathrow.
6 Jun 2019
Amazon.com Inc has new drones that will deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less in the coming months, a step toward a goal that has eluded the retailer for years.