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France unveils details of digital tax

By France24
07 March 2019   |   2:30 pm
France unveils details of digital tax.


7 Mar 2019
France unveils details of digital tax.
11 Jul 2019
What is France's digital tax?
3 Aug 2019
The US leader said he could tax one of France's key exports over a new digital tax on internet giants Google and Amazon. "I've always said American wine is better than French wine," said Trump, who doesn't drink alcohol.
25 Jan 2020
After securing a trade truce with China, the US president has now turned to the EU. Trump threatened car tariffs if European countries implement a digital tax. The EU says a new deal could come "in a few weeks."
18 Jun 2020
The United States has reportedly pulled out of talks aimed at overhauling the global tax system for digital giants. France's finance ministry has confirmed to FRANCE 24 that it's received a letter describing an "impasse" on the so-called GAFA tax. The withdrawal risks reigniting a transatlantic trade spat. Also in the show, the European Commission launches an investigation into the proposed merger of carmakers PSA and Fiat Chrysler.
5 Jun 2021
The US has suspended tariffs against six countries in a row over taxing tech giants. But the levies could still be imposed if an international agreement on digital tax isn't reached. Also in the show: the International Labour Organization says more than 100 million people have been plunged into poverty during the pandemic, and the world's largest meat-processing company recovers from a cyberattack.