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Cheap and deadly: Inside Canada’s opioid crisis

By France 24
07 November 2017   |   12:26 pm
France 24 journalists meet eyewitnesses (Observers) to discuss memorable events they have experienced.


9 Aug 2017
President Trump scheduled a major briefing on the epidemic of opiod drug use and said his administration will fight it and 'will win'.
7 Nov 2017
France 24 journalists meet eyewitnesses (Observers) to discuss memorable events they have experienced.
24 Apr 2018
Today’s Focus report takes us to Cameroon where we look at a growing addiction to opioids. Readily available on the black market, one of the most abused substances, Tramadol, is now making its way into schoolyards.
31 Mar 2019
Opioid crisis: Purdue Pharma pays $270 million in historic settlement.
27 Aug 2019
Oklahoma's Attorney General accused Johnson & Johnson of a "multi-billion-dollar brainwashing campaign" to get doctors to overprescribe opioids, downplaying the addiction risks. J&J shares surged after the ruling.
11 Sep 2019
US population decimated by opioid overdoses
21 Sep 2019
Purdue Pharma LP opened its first day in bankruptcy court by pledging to continue investigating whether its owners, the Sackler family, who are accused of spurring America’s opioid epidemic, wrongly took cash out of the pharmaceutical maker. Bloomberg's Tom Metcalf and Lisa Abramowicz speak on "Bloomberg's Money Undercover" about the Sacklers.
3 Nov 2019
US opioid crisis: Pharmaceutical giants reach deal to avoid lawsuit
16 Apr 2020
In Mexico, poppy farming and the production of opium paste – heroin's main ingredient – have long been the main source of revenue for many impoverished rural communities. But this is no longer the case, with both organised crime and addicts now turning to fentanyl – a cheap, ultraconcentrated and synthetic opioid – as their drug of choice. Our Mexico correspondents Laurence Cuvillier and Matthieu Comin report from Guerrero State, where a rural exodus is underway.
24 Dec 2020
The civil suit brought forward by the DOJ accuses Walmart of knowingly filling thousands of invalid prescriptions. The retailer says it is in a no-win situation and wants the suit thrown out.
5 Feb 2021
McKinsey & Company, the consultant to blue-chip corporations and governments around the world, has agreed to pay $573 million to settle investigations into its role in helping “turbocharge” opioid sales, a rare instance of it being held publicly accountable for its work with clients.
22 Jul 2021
Four drugs companies in the United States have agreed to pay up to $26 billion to settle claims that they fuelled an opioid addiction crisis in the country. The deal was unveiled by a group of state attorneys general and could settle thousands of cases over the epidemic. Opioid addiction is estimated to have claimed over one million lives in the US. Individual states and local governments will now have to sign up to the deal, but there are divisions over how the payout will be shared.