Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Why some young Swedes remain uneasy about joining NATO

While the majority of Swedes are in favor of joining NATO, there are others who even took to the streets in protest. They warn the decision is rushed and that Sweden should better stick with its tradition of neutrality.


16 Feb
Ukraine's right to join NATO cannot be traded away - UK PM Johnson
27 Feb
US military personnel have arrived in Romania ahead of a deployment of NATO troops expected in the country. Romania, a NATO member since 2004, borders Ukraine to the north.
24 Feb
In an interview with DW, retired US Army general David Petraeus said that Putin "is the greatest gift to NATO" since the end of the Cold War. "He set out to make Russia great again. What he's really done is make NATO great again by his actions."
2 Mar
In an interview with FRANCE 24, Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu reacted to the latest developments in the war in Ukraine. With more NATO troops and weaponry set to be deployed in Romania in the coming days, the top diplomat said that this move "cannot be seen as a provocation" but was instead a "legitimate response" by the Alliance to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Asked about the humanitarian situation at the border, Aurescu said that Romania was open to "all those in need".
6 Mar
Sweden and Finland have stayed outside of NATO due to their military nonalignment policy. That's been supported in the past by majorities of both Finns and Swedes. But the war in Ukraine has changed that.
9 Mar
Does the West go all in? A third day of broken ceasefire promises in Ukraine clearly illustrates that Russia has gone all in and will not settle for anything short of victory on the battlefield. We ask about the latest out of the crucial port cities of Odessa and Mariupol and talk of Poland sending Soviet-era fighter jets to its under-siege neighbour.
18 Mar
US military personnel have arrived in Romania ahead of a deployment of NATO troops expected in the country. Romania, a NATO member since 2004, borders Ukraine to the north. DW's Alexandra von Nahmen traveled to the country to cover the drills.
21 Mar
While the war rages in Ukraine, NATO has been conducting a massive military drill in Norway. The alliance says the maneuvers are designed to test troops' readiness for combat in cold conditions.
23 Mar
The Ukrainian president said direct cease-fire talks with Russian President Putin are urgently needed. Zelenskyy added that any agreements with Russia would be subject to a public referendum. Follow DW for the latest.
26 Mar
Remember not so long ago when France's president blasted NATO as being "brain dead", wondering aloud what purpose it served? The biggest invasion Europe has seen since World War II now has the Alliance scrambling, shoring up defences on its eastern flank and trying to beef up its battle readiness in real time. We ask our guests about Thursday's NATO summit and the allies' red lines on Russia.
30 Mar
One month after the shock of Russia invading Ukraine, how is Vladimir Putin's war going? Territorial gains, no question near-total control of the skie but no blitzkrieg grab of Kyiv, no fatal blow to Ukraine's defences. Instead, Ukraine proving its resilience with coups like the claimed destruction of a Russian landing support ship in the Russian-occupied port of Berdiansk, which is strategically located to the west of the besieged city of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov.
30 Mar
Leaders from NATO, the G7 and the EU convened in Brussels to find ways of supporting Ukraine without pushing the West into an all-out war with Russia. A new US-European energy deal aims to isolate Moscow.