Sunday, 10th December 2023

We need a ‘very clear target’ for EU enlargement: EU reform expert Daniela Schwarzer

By France24
10 October 2023   |   4:18 am
How can a much bigger European Union function effectively? Will key national interests be overridden for the benefit of collective decision-making? How should European institutions and budgets adapt to a union of more than 30 members? These are some of the big questions that European leaders are currently mulling over.


22 May 2022
The war in Ukraine has forced a major rethink of European security, with further enlargement of both NATO and the EU now on the table. Kyiv has asked for a fast-track procedure for EU membership. Moldova and Georgia have also applied. The EU has made it clear that Ukraine belongs to the European family. However, admitting several more nations would be highly challenging. And even before the war, the EU was already negotiating with candidate countries Albania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. We discuss how far the EU should grow, and how fast that process should be, with two MEPs.