Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

Unmasked Floridians crowd Miami beach as Delta variant spreads through US state

Unmasked people pack Miami's South Beach and Bayside Marketplace as the Delta variant of Covid-19 spreads rapidly in Florida -- the US state recording the most new cases of the coronavirus.


29 Jul 2017
FC Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta addresses Neymar as team prepares for El Clasico showdown with Real Madrid in Miami.
2 Aug 2017
Tropical Storm Emily hits Miami putting a street flooding advisory into effect.
11 Sep 2017
The streets of Miami, Florida were mostly empty as thousands of people huddled in shelters or battened-down homes as Hurricane Irma approached.
11 Sep 2017
Packing 130-mph winds, Hurricane Irma knocked out electricity to more than 1 million Florida homes and businesses on Sunday as it headed towards the state’s Gulf Coast, threatening potentially catastrophic flooding.
11 Sep 2017
The 125-mile-per-hour hurricane that tore through the Cuban coastline on Saturday has turned Havana into one big swimming pool.
13 Sep 2017
Officials urge Floridians to "be patient".
29 Nov 2017
Swimmers can be seen in the water just meters from a large tiger shark in drone footage.
7 Dec 2017
In Miami, a local law prohibits convicted sex offenders of living within 800 metres of anywhere where children congregate, such as schools, libraries and parks.
30 Jan 2018
Announcements detailing team name and colours to follow in the coming weeks.
30 Aug 2019
Residents in Miami stock up on water and supplies as they prepare for Hurricane Dorian, which could make landfall in Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm over Labor Day Weekend.
7 Sep 2019
People and tourists in the city of Riviera Beach in Florida continue to prepare, and begin evacuating the beach as Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in the Bahamas. Forecasters believe the Category 5 storm will move closer to the east coast of Florida on Monday evening, into Tuesday.
15 Dec 2019
A "hungry" artist caused a stir at an art show after he ate a piece by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan in front of an astonished crowd. The gallery, however, has said the artwork was not destroyed.