Sunday, 29th May 2022

UN issues dire warning on the deadly effects of pollution

Environmental damage and pollution cause a quarter of all deaths, a UN report said. The Global Environment Outlook also warned of serious economic consequences for developing countries if no action is taken by 2050.


9 Nov 2019
New Delhi: prayers and pollution
30 Jun 2020
Russia's Norilsk Nickel has admitted that fluid waste was pumped into the tundra, one month after a subsidiary polluted Arctic waterways with diesel. This time, it said workers had been suspended for "violating" rules.
6 Jul 2020
Exxon Valdez 1989, Deepwater Horizon 2010, Russian Arctic 2020 — these oil spills will forever be remembered as exceptional environmental disasters. Yet, each year, our waters suffer from oil-based pollution on a smaller scale. One hairdresser in the south of France is using one of the most overlooked, renewable, natural resources to change things: human hair. How can hair be used to help save our oceans?
13 Sep 2020
The EU's environment agency has detailed how environmental pollution has a deadly impact on Europe's population. Poorer and marginalized communities suffer the worst of it, according to the report.
21 Oct 2020
Hundreds of thousands of newborns, mostly in India and sub-Saharan Africa, died from air pollution in 2019, a study has found. Noxious fumes from cooking fuels are blamed for causing the majority of the babies' deaths.
5 Nov 2020
Environmental Rights Action Condemns Impact Of Oil Pollution On Ikarama Community
1 Dec 2020
The mother of a nine-year-old girl who died from acute respiratory failure in London after repeated asthma attacks says that without air pollution her daughter would "still be here" and that she hopes a coroner's inquest will conclude that it played a role in her death.
13 Dec 2020
After having walked 880 km for two months between Marseille and Paris to collect thousands of masks thrown by the roadside, Englishman Edmund Platt and Frenchman Frédéric Munsch arrived in the French capital on Saturday. To help raise awareness of the problem further, the Franco-British duo teamed up with a street artist from Nice who exhibits masks under glass, displayed under street signs in Paris. And they are offering an "aperitif garbage collection" on Friday evening in front of City Hall (Hotel de Ville, Eds.).
16 Feb 2021
Britain's Supreme Court has ruled that more than 40,000 people can make claims against the European energy giant following decades of oil spills in the Niger Delta region.
23 Feb 2021
Israeli soldiers scramble to clean the Hof Hasharon beach after a massive tar contamination hit the country's Mediterranean shore.
31 May 2021
Millions of plastic pellets from a container ship ablaze off Colombo have already washed up on beaches, along with other hazardous waste. The disaster threatens the lucrative fishing and tourism sectors.
4 Jun 2021
The European Court of Justice said that German authorities did not take "appropriate measures" to limit air pollution caused by nitrogen dioxide.