Friday, 1st December 2023

The Stasi and the Berlin Wall

22 September 2023   |   4:27 pm
For one group, at least, the erection of the Berlin Wall on August 13, 1961 was a stroke of luck. Over the following decades, the Wall would be the lifeblood of the East German secret police, known as the Stasi.


9 Feb 2019
Thirty years ago, border guards gunned down Chris Gueffroy as he attempted to flee across the Berlin Wall into West Germany. The 20-year-old was the last person to be shot trying to escape the East German dictatorship.
2 Nov 2019
To save his friends and reunite his family, Boris Franzke dug seven tunnels from West Berlin to East Berlin: a risky project in the face of Stasi control. It was only thanks to a member of the latter that Boris Franzke escaped death.
23 Nov 2019
In the shadow of the Berlin Wall: 30 years on, is its presence still felt?
11 Nov 2019
The fall of the Berlin wall: Closing the gap between mothers in the East and West
11 Nov 2019
Nationwide celebrations have kicked off in Germany to mark 30 years since the Berlin Wall came down. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is welcoming leaders of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary in Berlin.
11 Nov 2019
Berlin was the scene of day-long celebrations to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall that divided the city. Angela Merkel vowed during a memorial "that no wall will separate people ever again."
11 Nov 2019
The Cold War, a global power struggle between dictatorship and democracy, ended in Berlin on November 9, 1989. The course of history, however, was set in motion by decisive events outside the country long before that.
11 Nov 2019
Berlin Wall anniversary, Iraq protests, Trump impeachment, South Africa rugby team trophy tour
17 Nov 2019
Nina Hoss on her new movie, acting in different languages and the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
11 Nov 2019
Three months after the Berlin Wall came down, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison. On the weekend, guests at Germany's embassy in South Africa looked back on those seismic events of 30 years ago.
17 Nov 2019
Fashion thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall
26 Dec 2019
East Germany's secret police had a secret university faculty where agents could graduate. Their qualifications are recognized in Germany now. But the man overseeing the old Stasi vaults wants them renamed for all to see.