Monday, 5th December 2022

Shadow Diplomats: The global threat of rogue diplomacy

Honorary consul, a class of voluntary diplomat, are among the least regulated actors in international diplomacy. A joint investigation by DW and partners reveals how it is abused by criminals and even terrorists.


2 Jun 2018
Our panel of journalists looks at North Korean delegation headed by high-ranking official Kim Yong Chol delivering a letter to Donald Trump from Kim Jong Un; Some of America's closest allies reaction to the news of tariffs on aluminium and steel imports to the US; Western Europe's first populist government swearing in in Italy; Mariano Rajoy forced from office following a no-confidence vote in parliament; The man dubbed the Malian Spiderman who saved the life of a child in Paris.
10 Aug 2018
Peter Trubowitz, professor of international relations at London School of Economics, discusses how the Trump administration is using sanctions as a key foreign policy and diplomacy tool.
18 Sep 2019
The SESAME synchrotron in Jordan is an ambitious scientific, political and social experiment — since way before it even started producing results. DW's Zulfikar Abbany spent a week in the Middle East to find out why.
10 Nov 2020
What have diplomacy, faith, and gender got to do with each other? That's the subject of a conference held by the world’s biggest interreligious non-governmental organization, Religions for Peace, in Lindau, Germany.
27 Nov 2020
China is positioning itself as a champion of free trade while taking an aggressive stance against countries seen as challenging its interests, such as Australia. But this could affect China's image.
19 Jan 2021
Moon Jae-in called on the US president-elect to continue talks with North Korea. Talks between Trump and Kim Jong Un stalled earlier over sanctions and limited progress on the North's nuclear program.
20 Feb 2021
Wealthy countries were quick to snatch up Covid-19 vaccines from Western companies, leaving low-income ones to look elsewhere. Enter China and India. Both nations are racing to fill international orders of their locally-made vaccines, though sometimes strings are attached. For more, we speak to Yanzhong Huang from the Council on Foreign Relations.
20 Feb 2021
India's government has been supplying countries around the world with free coronavirus vaccine doses. However, there is some worry that this "vaccine diplomacy" will come at a cost to vulnerable Indians.
6 May 2021
The White House says Joe Biden is aiming for a realistic approach towards North Korea's denuclearization rather than his predecessor's "grand bargain" strategy.
3 May 2021
North Korea has warned Washington will face "a very grave situation'' over President Joe Biden's "big blunder" of calling Pyongyang a security threat.
7 May 2021
G7 ministers have criticized Russia and China as they "revitalize in-person diplomacy." But the first face-to-face talks in over two years weren't the fresh start they hoped for after a COVID scare unsettled proceedings.
16 Jul 2021
EU members "have their geo-strategic calculations in mind, and will likely favor countries that are friendly or important to European interests," says one ASEAN expert in response to the bloc's global vaccine drive.