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Romania: 30 years after Ceausescu, orphans remain traumatised

By France24
07 January 2020   |   6:36 am
Romania: 30 years after Ceausescu, orphans remain traumatised


27 Jun 2018
Since Romania joined the EU in 2007, an estimated 15% of the adult population has left the country to work in Western Europe.
15 Apr 2019
Zamfara crisis creates 44,000 orphans, Senator Marafa claims.
29 May 2019
Islamic State group fighters beheaded three of Niaz Bibi's sons and shot three grandsons dead in a remote part of Afghanistan's Nangarhar province which is home to both the Taliban and a growing IS affiliate. Now Bibi, 70, is left taking care of the surviving grandchildren -- about 40 orphans in total.
22 Jun 2019
In Kot district in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, 70-year-old grandmother Niaz Bibi lost three sons and three grandsons in two separate attacks by the Islamic State group, which has a growing footprint in the region. Now Bibi is left taking care of their surviving offspring -- about 40 orphans in total.
25 Nov 2019
The UK government has arranged for British orphans in Syria to be repatriated to the UK. The UK now joins Germany in repatriating children whose parents were suspected members of the so-called "Islamic State."
7 Jan 2020
Romania: 30 years after Ceausescu, orphans remain traumatised
9 Oct 2021
Indonesia's second wave of COVID-19 infections has hit the country's children particularly hard. Thousands have succumbed to the more infectious Delta variant. Many others have lost parents. One estimate puts the number orphans at around 18,000.
12 May 2022
More than 4,000 children from Ukrainian orphanages and care homes have been evacuated to Poland to escape the war. Separated from their parents or abandoned, they're coming to terms with trauma.
15 May 2022
As Peru slowly emerges from the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the government is trying to help the country's Covid orphans. According to the medical journal The Lancet, around 100,000 children in Peru lost at least one of their two parents to the pandemic; more than anywhere else in the world. The poorest Peruvians have been hit the hardest and many Covid orphans and widows are struggling to survive, both financially and emotionally.