Thursday, 11th August 2022

Moldova’s lavender fields flourish after post-Soviet decline

A growing cohort of farmers in Moldova are fuelling an ambitious resurgence of lavender oil, whose cultivation had collapsed along with the Soviet Union.


4 Nov 2017
Punjab, India - a land of burning fields. These have become yearly scenes, as farmers set fire to straw left over from their summer rice harvests, to make room for their winter crops. The practice is a major contributor to North India’s severe winter air quality issues.
9 Nov 2017
We continue to take a look at the Paradise Papers and see how Bernard Arnault is the latest uber-wealthy French citizen to have put his money in tax havens.
1 Mar 2018
Moldova's President Igor Dodon wants to deepen Moldova's historic ties to Russia and says he's opposed to EU membership. Our correspondent gets the view from the ground.
21 Mar 2019
France's Paul Pogba admits that it may be difficult for the national side to motivate themselves after World Cup success last year.
5 Apr 2019
Music show: Lisa Ekdahl, Lee Fields & the Expressions and Weyes Blood.
1 May 2019
Cyclone Kenneth: More rain forecast in Mozambique, roads and fields submerged.
18 Sep 2019
Attacks on Saudi oil fields: US-Iran blame game as fuel prices set to rocket
2 Nov 2019
The US push to claim Syrian oil fields is "banditry," the Russian Defense Ministry has said. A US military convoy was heading towards oil fields at Syria's Deir el-Zour, where Washington already maintains a small force.
30 Nov 2019
For most outsiders, Los Angeles is all about Hollywood, palm trees and sunny skies. But the huge metropolis that is home to nearly four million people is also the largest urban oil field in the country. Hundreds of active oil wells sit in densely populated and mostly low-income neighbourhoods of the county, butting up against schools, homes, parks, shopping malls or cemeteries.
24 Jan 2020
Rashmi Sahijwala, aged 59, is part of an army of housewives turning their homes into "cloud kitchens" to feed time-starved millennials. New apps are tapping the skills of housewives to slice, dice and prepare meals for hungry urbanites from the comfort of their homes.
17 Jun 2020
Kurdish female volunteers, from the newly formed Community Protection Forces, guard wheat fields following threats by jihadists to burn the crops, during harvest season near the city of Rmeilan in Syria's northeastern Hasakah province.
12 Jan 2021
Ex-UK PM Tony Blair has finished his work on the TAP, while Germany's Gerhard Schröder is helping on Nord Stream 2. What is it with 1990s Social Democrats that attracts them to authoritarian leaders and their pipelines?