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Landslide leaves at least 15 dead in Rio de Janeiro suburb

By Reuters
12 November 2018   |   7:51 am
At least 15 people have been killed in a landslide Saturday caused by heavy rains in southeast Brazil's Niteroi municipality, part of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area, according to local authorities.


4 May 2019
Bolivian rescue teams and residents of a hillside neighbourhood in La Paz attempt to recover what is left of their homes and belongings after a landslide struck, triggered by heavy rain and runoffs.
14 Jul 2019
Ukraine's Sergey Bubk and Russia's Alexander Popov have said allegations against them relating to Rio's successful 2016 bid are false. Popov said he did not even vote for the Brazilian city, which beat Madrid.
12 Aug 2019
More than 30 people have died in Myanmar after heavy rains caused a landslide. The country's south has been devastated by heavy rains.
20 Sep 2019
Killings by police snipers on the rise in Rio de Janeiro
30 Oct 2019
Dozens killed, at least 30 missing in Western Cameroon landslide
7 Dec 2019
A landslide left houses destroyed in the small village of Les Mées in the south of France on Monday. About twenty people were evacuated by the fire brigade, though no-one was killed.
13 Dec 2019
We take a look at the British press following Friday's historic general election in the UK. Hailed as a victory for the Tories by conservative outlets, the results are also described as a crushing blow to Labour by the left-leaning media. We examine the role of controversial Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in this defeat. Finally, we turn to the US press, where many parallels have been drawn between the UK vote and the upcoming 2020 US presidential election.
13 Jan 2020
Tsai Ing-wen has won with a 57% share of the vote and her main rival, the pro-China Han Kuo-yu, admitted defeat. In a thinly veiled criticism of Beijing she said: "I'm sure our friends in Hong Kong will be happy."
5 Mar 2020
Firefighters are still searching for people under the rubble after a landslide caused by heavy rains in Guaruja, near Sao Paulo, killed at least 19 people.
13 Apr 2020
Father Omar Raposo flies over Rio de Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer to ask for Jesus to watch over the city, as many below stay indoors and practise social distancing over Easter. Brazil now has over 22,000 cases of the coronavirus, and over 1,200 deaths.
26 Jun 2020
The ruling Mongolian People's Party is set to remain in power for another term after registering a landslide win in the country’s general election.
3 Jul 2020
A wave of mud has swept through an open jade mine in northern Myanmar, killing dozens of people looking for scraps. Myanmar officials said the death toll is likely to rise.