Wednesday, 30th November 2022

Iranian students stand up to regime

More and more Iranian students, including schoolchildren, are joining the protest wave. Iranian security forces are resorting to increasingly brutal measures to quell the demonstrations.


20 Dec 2017
A series of recent cyber attacks has netted North Korean hackers millions of dollars in virtual currencies like bitcoin, with more attacks expected as international sanctions drive the country to seek new sources of cash.
14 Jan 2018
Amateur videos appear to show clashes between rebels and Syrian government forces in Hama, White Helmets rescuing injured in Eastern Ghouta.
6 Mar 2018
Bloomberg’s Peter Pae discusses possible advancements in relations between North Korea and South Korea.
31 Jul 2018
Members of the House of Representatives, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, extraction on Monday declared that the All Progressives Congress, APC led Federal Government is fast manifesting all the symptoms of the former maximum ruler Late Sani Abacha.
11 Feb 2019
Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe's post-electoral turmoil was a 'regime change attempt'.
17 Mar 2019
Venezuela: Maduro regime is aware that that arresting Guaido is a 'red line'
14 Jul 2019
The Norway-brokered talks aim "to establish a negotiation on the end of the dictatorship," the opposition leader said. Backed by Russia and China, socialist President Nicolas Maduro has refused to step down.
18 Aug 2019
Trouble for road offenders as FRSC move to implement new fine regime
1 Sep 2019
A man mourns over his three children and nephew as other victims are treated at a make-shift hospital south of Syria's northern Idlib province following regime strikes, as Damascus presses an offensive against the jihadist-run bastion.
15 Nov 2019
Five years after an uprising chased Blaise Compaore from power, terrorism and its dire impact on a rural economy cast a pall over a country that had hoped for a democratic, prosperous future.
16 Jan 2020
President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the 2020 finance bill into law, which is specially designed to generate revenue and support the implementation of this year's budget. Economist, Harding Udoh speaks more on this on TVC Breakfast.
27 Jun 2020
The coronavirus is spreading at an enormous pace in Pakistan. Analysts say the government's inaction and mismanagement of the virus has worsened the outbreak.