Monday, 11th December 2023

IDF claims to find ‘list of Hamas names,’ but it’s the days of the week in Arabic

By France24
19 November 2023   |   2:03 pm
A video posted directly by Israel's Defence Forces claimed that under the Al-Rantisi Children's Hospital in Gaza, it had found Hamas weapons and technology, as well as a "list of terrorist names" in Arabic, showing each agents' rota guarding Israeli hostages.


14 Nov 2019
Barrages of rockets were fired towards southern Israel from Gaza, shortly after the Islamic Jihad group confirmed the death of Bahaa Abu el-Atta. Air-raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv. Germany condemned the rocket fire.
15 Nov 2019
The local media council said Arabic programing would add to the diversity of radio offerings in the German capital. Arabs from more than 20 countries live in Berlin.
30 Jan 2022
North Africa's Jewish community does not exceed a few thousand people today. Waves of immigration over the past decades have led many of the region's Jews to Europe, especially France, where the majority of Jews hail from the Maghreb region. Most of them have lost their ancestors' mother tongue: Arabic. But today, some are seeking to learn this language, as a way of discovering their roots and their complex identity. FRANCE 24's Thameen Al-Kheetan and Sophian Aubin report.
23 Jul
The natural occurring gum discharged by Acacia trees is used in several key industries. The ongoing conflict in Sudan is hurting exports and threatening livelihoods.