Monday, 5th December 2022

How North Korea uses Berlin universities for propaganda

North Korea's elite university brags of alleged partnerships with Western institutes, including two German ones. Those, however, bristle at the notion of partnership. DW investigates.


17 Apr 2017
Some of these recoveries are 'simulated propaganda' - Ozekhome
8 May 2017
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The Islamic State group is losing ground in Syria and Iraq, but as recent events in the UK and France have shown, its appeal to some young Muslims hasn't gone away.
10 Mar 2018
North Korean state media has not yet reported on the proposed meeting with the United States, a North Korean propaganda film bears similarities to the current situation with American relations, and Dennis Rodman offers to help in North Korea with more "basketball diplomacy."
2 Jun 2018
In today’s Debate we turn our eye to events in Ukraine these past few days, where officials announced the murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, only for him to appear – alive – on TV the following day.
24 Aug 2018
Abe replaces Trump as Pyongyang's propaganda target
9 Mar 2019
China's tech companies and government are banding together to release hi-tech propaganda tools to spread the Communist Party's message into the 21st Century.
14 Apr 2020
We look at the French dailies reacting to Emmanuel Macron's third address to the nation amid the Covid-19 pandemic. There's also a lot of reaction in the US press to Donald Trump's bizarre coronavirus briefing. Finally, Indian police dole out creative punishment to a group of tourists who broke confinement rules!
30 Apr 2020
Vietnamese artists are wielding their paintbrushes in the country's fight against the coronavirus, designing propaganda posters that have popped up across Hanoi.
23 Jun 2020
Pyongyang said that it had prepared various methods — including the use of 3,000 balloons — to deliver the leaflets "deep inside South Korea." Seoul said it would respond depending on the delivery equipment used.
7 Dec 2020
Washington denounced decades-old programs to send US government employees to China as propaganda "disguised as cultural exchanges." The US will also sanction Chinese officials for "coercive influencing."
10 Mar 2021
Ofcom has demanded that CGTN pays fines after breaching the UK's broadcasting rules. Critics say the English-language satellite broadcaster merely parrots the Chinese Communist Party line in its reports.