Sunday, 10th December 2023

Harvesting energy with locally produced solar panels

South Africa has abundant sunshine and raw materials, but still imports lots of solar panels — at great expense. A women-run company produces them locally and at lower cost, providing jobs and better access to legal electricity — also for poor communities.


17 Sep 2017
Cross River development partners donate solar panels to health centres.
24 Sep 2018
Operators in Nigeria’s energy space are clamoring for government's intervention on tariff hikes for solar panel importation. Segun Adaju, President of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to discuss the details and its implication on Nigeria’s bid to improve its energy mix.
22 Feb 2022
Seventeen years ago, Spain’s socialist government decided to inject subsidies into renewable energy. As a result, thousands of Spanish families massively invested in photovoltaic energy. But, as you'll see in our report, the dream rapidly turned into a nightmare.