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Forty Conservative MPs ready to oust May – Sunday Times

By Reuters
13 November 2017   |   7:30 am
Forty members of parliament are ready to sign a letter of no-confidence in British Prime Minister Theresa May.


14 Mar 2017
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing to trigger Brexit in the last week of March after securing the permission of lawmakers to begin two years of talks with the European Union.
29 Aug 2018
British Prime Minister, Therasa May, arrives State House.
29 Aug 2018
Since Nigeria got her independence in 1960, five British Prime ministers have visited the country to discuss Nigeria-British relationship. Here are the 5 British prime ministers that have visited: Alec Douglas-Home, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May.
12 Jun 2022
Johnson cannot face another leadership challenge from within his own party for at least a year after surviving a vote of no-confidence with the support of 211 out of 359 lawmakers.