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Foreigners without face masks punished with push-ups in Bali

21 January 2021   |   10:50 am
Dozens of foreigners caught without masks to protect against the coronavirus on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have been subjected to an unusual punishment: push-ups in the street.


19 Jun 2017
Indonesian police launch a manhunt for four foreign inmates who escaped from an overcrowded prison in the resort island of Bali by crawling through a narrow tunnel dug under the walls.
15 Jul 2017
Lawyers protest withdrawal of suit against 2 foreigners over alleged $8.8m fraud.
25 Nov 2017
In Syria, hundreds of young Westerners have joined the YPG (Peoples' Protection Units), a Marxist-leaning Kurdish force which is fighting the Islamic State group in the north-east of the country. Our reporters met two of these volunteers: a young Frenchman from Bordeaux and an American from Charleston, South Carolina.
28 Nov 2017
Volcanic activity has prompted officials to raise the eruption alert to its highest level. Thousands of local residents have been evacuated from the area near the volcano. Airports have been closed, leaving travellers stranded.
12 Dec 2017
Indonesian police are hunting for a U.S. citizen who escaped from an overcrowded prison on the holiday island of Bali by cutting through steel bars in a ceiling, the jail’s second breakout of foreign inmates this year.
24 Jan 2018
Foreigners are more interested in epic films - Pete Edochie
2 Mar 2018
25.000 people work together to get rid of plastic waste from Bali's beaches. This cleanup was initiated by the Wijsen sisters. Kadek Surya Sanjaya reports from Denpasar.
16 Nov 2019
Many undocumented foreigners responsible for illegal mining in Nigeria, says Al-Makura
11 Dec 2019
Foreigners living in Nigeria have been assured of their safety after the attack on a Cameroonian and his Hungarian wife in Ikoyi, Lagos. The family was attacked on Sunday night at home in Ikoyi. The man was stabbed and he is in critical condition while his wife was killed.
22 Dec 2019
Conservation authorities in Bali roll out a big fruit plate for fuzzy haired Bon Bon as he gets set to be transported to a conservation centre in Sumatra -- one of just two places where the critically endangered species is found in the wild. The baby orangutan was drugged by a Russian trafficker in a failed bid to smuggle it out of Bali.
22 Mar 2020
Items which normally have a value measured in cents now apparently have value to criminals. Hospitals across Germany have reported thefts of protective gear.
16 Dec 2020
Indonesian police have arrested a senior leader of the al-Qaida-linked extremist group which carried out the 2002 Bali bombings. The militant was also believed to be involved in other deadly attacks.