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Does the UN migration pact really ‘consider illegal immigration a human right’?

By France24
03 March 2019   |   7:54 am
Does the UN migration pact really 'consider illegal immigration a human right'?


24 Feb 2019
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced tax benefits and subsidies to encourage families to have more children. He said the policy was meant to create more Hungarians instead of promoting EU-backed immigration.
3 Mar 2019
Commuters react as immigration enforces border closure.
3 Mar 2019
Does the UN migration pact really 'consider illegal immigration a human right'?
28 Mar 2019
European elections: 'Immigration is a red herring'.
5 Apr 2019
LULAC Chief Executive Officer Sindy Benavides, Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice-President for Corporate Responsibility and Public Policy Jan Jones Blackhurst, and National Immigration Forum Executive Director Ali Noorani speak with Bloomberg’s Jackie Simmons at the Bloomberg Equality Summit in New York.
1 Apr 2019
Migration has dominated European politics since the 2015 migrant crisis. But ahead of May's EU parliamentary elections, an ECFR study has shown that many Europeans are more concerned with emigration than immigration.
8 May 2019
Four persons detained by immigration service in Katsina over illegal migration.
3 Jun 2019
Lanhee Chen, director of domestic policy studies at the Hoover Institution, talks about President Donald Trump's trade and diplomatic policies.
10 Aug 2019
Nearly half of the 680 people detained in the largest US immigration raid in a decade have been released pending deportation trials. Teachers have described the "devastation" of children left home alone after the raids.
4 Sep 2019
Immigration begins capture in Lagos
21 Nov 2019
The comptroller General of customs, Hammed Ali says 317 smugglers and 146 illegal immigrants have been arrested since the partial closure of the land borders.
28 Jan 2020
The US Supreme Court has allowed hardline immigration policies introduced by US President Donald Trump to take effect. Permanent residency, or "green cards," can now be denied to applicants who rely on public programs.