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Chloroquine and confinement: Can maverick clinical trials out of Marseille lead to breakthrough?

By France24
27 March 2020   |   7:00 am
In the race to counter coronavirus, Dr Sterghios Moschos and Jean-Jacques Zambrowski weigh the pros and cons of chloroquine treatment and warn François Picard about the dangers of untested remedies.


27 Mar 2020
In the race to counter coronavirus, Dr Sterghios Moschos and Jean-Jacques Zambrowski weigh the pros and cons of chloroquine treatment and warn François Picard about the dangers of untested remedies.
5 Apr 2020
This week we're turning our attention to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown which has been in place in France since March 17. This has resulted in a totally new way of life for many of us, as well as a certain amount of frustration and worry. We see how people across France have adapted to this new reality.
7 Apr 2020
A humble anti-malarial pill may be the answer to COVID-19. Despite caution over its effectiveness, African countries hope it will stem the disease's spread. Health systems are unprepared to handle the pandemic, with too few ventilators to treat patients if it spreads in the continent's densely populated poorer areas.
6 Apr 2020
As FRANCE 24's culture team continue to explore how to make you television from their homes in Paris, Eve Jackson brings you ideas about how you can have a cultural life from your sofa, starting with some art from people drawing their ideal place of confinement. Plus, we take you on a virtual visit of museums around the world, including the Louvre and the Grand Palais in Paris. We also check out the stand-up comedians trying to keep up morale during lockdown, and Dheepthika Laurent gives us her top TV ti
6 Apr 2020
DC residents join a global "teddy bear hunt" aimed at bonding communities despite the coronavirus confinement, by placing teddy bears in their windows for children and adults to spot during their rare outings outside.
12 Apr 2020
We bring you another confined edition of Encore! this week, as the team seeks out news from the world of arts and culture, all of which can all be enjoyed from the safety of your own sofa.
18 Apr 2020
With confinement measures now extended in France for another month, our reporter Clovis Casali has been meeting several French people who are trying to cope with lockdown and the ongoing uncertainty. Between working from home, renting a house in the countryside and creating a pub quiz on social media, being inventive is key. But working at home isn't an option for everyone - some continue to do their job like in pre-lockdown times, despite living in fear of the coronavirus.
15 Apr 2020
We look at coverage of the first anniversary of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire, while a gloomy IMF report warns of a future world recession and Donald Trump suspends US funding to the World Health Organization. Finally, there's a new term for a relatively new phenomenon caused by confinement - zumping, the act of being dumped via the videoconferencing app Zoom!
20 Apr 2020
Confinement, week #5: Spotlight on police drones, Paris suburbs and more. With France now in its fifth week of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports showing how the crisis has disrupted daily life across the country.
20 Apr 2020
Since a nationwide lockdown was imposed in France on March 16, the country's 12.4 million schoolchildren have been forced to rethink the way they study. Now, the announcement by President Emmanuel Macron that at least some should be able to return to class from May 11 has sparked fresh questions and concerns. Meanwhile, life is made all the more complicated for less fortunate pupils, who don’t have ready access to a computer or the internet. For more on how France’s education system is handling this crisis, we talk to Stéphane Crochet, secretary general of the UNSA teachers' union.
20 Apr 2020
In this week's French Connections show, Florence Villeminot and Genie Godula explore how the French are adapting to life in a time of confinement. France has already been under strict lockdown for a month, with the measures now extended to May 11. One of the few reasons people are allowed to go out is to go shopping for essential goods. So what counts as an "essential good" and what shops are open? And in a country so famous for food and gastronomy, what are people cooking? We tell you more.
30 Apr 2020
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