Monday, 28th November 2022

Athens temperatures soar during heatwave

Tourist attractions close in Athens as temperatures soar during one of the worst heatwaves the country has seen in decades. The intense heat has led to deadly wildfires in the region, with nearby Turkey suffering its worst fires in at least a decade.


14 Dec 2018
Cop24: Africa to suffer most from rising temperatures.
4 Jun 2019
People in Amritsar cool off in a swimming pool as temperatures soar in northern India.
16 Jun 2019
With temperatures nearing record highs across India, residents of some areas started fighting over access to water. Madhya Pradesh authorities have deployed police to escort water tankers.
11 Jun 2019
Artists in Athens transform more than 100 telephone exchange boxes into works of art as part of the "Athens Urban Gallery", a project initiated by the Municipality of Athens.
28 Jun 2019
As a heat wave continues to scorch parts of Western Europe, a wildfire has broken out in northeastern Spain and France measured its highest-ever June temperature. The heat is expected to continue into the weekend.
22 Jul 2019
People cool off at a fountain at Flushing Meadow in the borough of Queens in New York City. The US is sweating through a weekend of extremely hot weather, with major cities including New York and Washington among the hardest hit.
27 Jun 2020
Thousands crowd the beach in the English coastal town of Bournemouth to soak up the sun on the hottest day of the year as lockdown measures are slowly eased -- but with officials still warning of another surge in COVID-19 cases.
17 Jan 2021
Hundreds of students demonstrate in Athens and other cities over a plan to increase policing at the country's violence-prone universities. The ministries of education and police this week rolled out the plan to create a dedicated 1,000-strong force to patrol campuses.
21 Feb 2021
Snow carpets the capital as a cold front hits Greece.
20 Feb 2021
A blanket of snow covers the Acropolis and central Athens as the 'Medea' cold front hits Greece.
18 Apr 2021
Between the peach trees, orange flames flicker and dance throughout the night. In their orchard in Westhoffen (Bas-Rhin), Daniel and Nathalie Dettling have lit hundreds of braziers filled with paraffin to counter the potentially catastrophic effects of the frost during this week's cold snap.
22 May 2021
More than 40 million people were driven from their homes by continued conflict and worsening weather in 2020 as the climate grew increasingly chaotic.