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Annual fireworks display lights up Geneva

By Reuters
13 August 2017   |   3:00 pm
Thousands of people attended a world famous firework's display lighting up the skies over Lake Geneva on Saturday.


19 Jul 2017
The world's best paragliders take to the skies over northern Italy as France dominates in the 2017 Paragliding World Championship.
29 Jul 2017
Hot air balloons from around the world will fill the skies above Umbria for one of the world's biggest ballooning events.
13 Oct 2017
A flying motorcycle that can hover above traffic and be used in rescue scenarios is to become part of the Dubai police force ahead of Expo 2020.
22 Jan 2018
Michael Sigel and Frances Laurie Genovese triumph in the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal.
12 Jun 2018
Bloomberg's Brad Stone explains the reality of flying cars and describes the companies making them, including eVolo, Airbus, EHang, Kitty Hawk and Uber.
16 Sep 2018
While Tropical Storm Florence bought flooding and strong winds, dozens of people reported purple skies at sunset.
13 Jan 2019
World Bank warns of 'darkening skies' for a global economy.
13 Apr 2020
Father Omar Raposo flies over Rio de Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer to ask for Jesus to watch over the city, as many below stay indoors and practise social distancing over Easter. Brazil now has over 22,000 cases of the coronavirus, and over 1,200 deaths.
30 Dec 2020
The American Airlines flight was the first commercial flight in the US since Max was grounded in March 2019. Two plane crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia meant authorities barred the plane from taking to the skies.
24 Apr 2021
Beijing is cloaked in thick yellow smog with pollution levels surging off the charts as the worst sandstorm in a decade descends on China's capital from the Gobi desert. The city government has ordered schools to cancel outside sport and events and has advised the public to stay inside where possible, as hundreds of flights are cancelled.
30 May 2021
Moscow has said Washington's refusal to rejoin the surveillance transparency pact is a "blow to the European security system." There had been hopes the Biden administration would reverse the withdrawal.
8 Jun 2021
Moscow's departure from the pact is the final nail in the coffin for the confidence-building pact. Washington left the treaty in November last year.