Thursday, 8th December 2022

Aid arrives in cyclone-struck Indonesia as death toll rises

Indonesian navy ships packed with aid have arrived in a cyclone-hit area of the country, as the death toll from the disaster rose above 200 people, including dozens killed in neighbouring East Timor.


25 Dec 2018
The number of people killed by the tsunami in Indonesia over the weekend has topped 200 with dozens more missing.
2 Jan 2019
The devastating tsunami has shattered the lives of thousands of people. More than 400 families have lost members — and in the hospitals, of all places, people have been cashing in on the survivors' suffering.
11 Mar 2019
Malaysian prosecutors have dropped charges against the 26-year-old accused of killing the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2017. Her co-accused is still on trial.
29 Jun 2019
The Indonesian top court has upheld President Joko Widodo's election victory, rejecting claims of voter fraud leveled by his opponent. The accusations sparked deadly riots in Jakarta after Widodo's victory in May.
20 Oct 2019
At least two protesters have died as Indonesian students have mobilized the largest demonstrations in two decades against a new set of proposed conservative laws they say will discriminate against women and minorities.
17 Dec 2019
The Indonesian martial art of pencak silat has been added to UNESCO's list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage".
5 Jan 2020
Indonesian police deliver supplies by helicopter to the areas affected by floods in Lebak. Torrential rains that started on New Year's Eve unleashed deadly flash floods and landslides in the region.
7 Jun 2020
In 2002, Rukam villagers sold their land to a palm oil company. Since then, they've seen their peatlands, forests and fish stocks vanish. Now they're weighing up the environmental cost of their decision and future hopes.
31 Jul 2020
Indonesia's Diponegoro University holds its graduation ceremony without its flesh-and-blood graduates, with robots receiving diplomas from the rector's hands in the students' stead. The 2,500 graduates were only allowed to watch the formalities via live broadcast due to pandemic social distancing, but they were represented by the top three students in each faculty -- who had their faces displayed on-screen as the robots took the stage.
11 Nov 2020
Hit by a coronavirus-sparked match freeze and huge pay cuts, Indonesia's out-of-work footballers are struggling. Andri Muliadi, a Borneo FC player who brought his family home to Sumatra after matches were called off has turned to promoting his in-laws' tiny coffee business online.
13 Dec 2020
Thousands flee the scene of the rumbling Mount Ili Lewotolok in Indonesia after it burst to life for the first time in several years, belching a massive column of smoke and ash. The crater's last major eruption was in 2017.
25 Jan 2021
Medics at the Mamuju Regional Hospital battle exhaustion and the risk of Covid-19 as they race to treat scores of people injured by a devastating earthquake on Indonesia's Sulawesi island. Most of the patients are treated under tents after the hospital's main building was damaged.