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Afghan diplomat killed at consulate in southern Pakistani city

By Reuters
06 February 2017   |   12:48 pm
The third secretary of Afghanistan's consulate in Karachi was shot dead by a private guard on Monday, officials said.


2 Dec 2019
The Metropolitan Police are dealing with a "terrorist incident" at London Bridge, confirming that they had shot dead the attacker. Two people have died in the attack, in addition to the assailant, according to reports.
12 Jan 2020
As bushfires rage in Australia, the country's coal sector is in the firing line over its high carbon emissions. So too is Siemens over its role in a huge mine project that has courted much controversy.
19 Jan 2020
Veterinarians had struggled to euthanize the severely burned gorilla. It was one of two animals found still alive in the rubble of the zoo's charred monkey house.
27 Jan 2020
Governor Yahaya Bello will be sworn in for a second term in office on Monday.
31 Jan 2020
Subhash Batham was attempting to get authorities to drop a murder charge against him. He was out on bail when he held the 23 partygoers at gunpoint in an all-night standoff with police.
11 Feb 2020
The soldier reportedly opened fire at a shopping mall in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, northeast of the capital, Bangkok. Authorities shot the suspect dead after he spent 16 hours holed up in the mall.
6 Apr 2020
Police in the Philippines have shot dead a man for not wearing a mask and provoking officers. President Duterte has ordered police and military to kill anyone violating quarantine or causing trouble during the pandemic.
21 Jul 2020
Highlights of the NDDC probe on Monday
24 Jul 2020
Beijing made the demand in retaliation for the closure of China's Houston consulate earlier this week over alleged Chinese espionage. The move was described as a response to "unreasonable measures" by the United States.
31 Jul 2020
Chinese authorities have taken control of the former US Consulate in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu. The move comes amid rising tensions between the two countries over a number of issues.
4 Aug 2020
Morrugares had reported on a crime close to a nearby supermarket, involving a turf battle between criminal gangs. He is the fourth journalist to be murdered in the country this year.
24 Oct 2020
Opposition parties staged a large anti-government rally in Pakistan's port city of Karachi on Sunday.