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Reps move to save Nigerian donkeys from extinction

By OakTV
14 November 2018   |   7:50 am
Reps move to save Nigerian donkeys from extinction.


12 May 2019
UN biodiversity report shows the world is going through 'sixth mass extinction'.
13 May 2019
Bush Meat: UN warns against the extinction as a result of human consumption.
12 Jul 2019
Ifeanyi Ubah, 19 others sponsor a motion to protect Nigerian airlines from extinction.
12 Jul 2019
Abaribe tasks Nigerian entrepreneurs to save indigenous Airlines from extinction.
24 Nov 2019
Extinction Rebellion climate activists have begun building a camp outside Chancellor Merkel's office. During a week of protests for new climate-protection policies, they plan to block major roads in the German capital.
20 Oct 2019
Traffic blockades, "die-ins," naked protests in parliament: Inspired by the non-violence of Gandhi and Rosa Parks, Extinction Rebellion is using unconventional tactics to call for immediate action on the climate crisis.
1 Dec 2019
Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam's writings on civil disobedience were central to the movement. Hallam has been criticized by his fellow activists for relativizing the Holocaust.
1 Dec 2019
Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam sparked outrage when he "downplayed" the significance of the Holocaust. He has now apologized for his "crass words" that caused offense.
2 Sep 2020
Climate change protesters gather on Parliament Square in London, kicking off 10 days of demonstrations to be held across the country by activist group Extinction Rebellion.
10 Jan 2021
Tall and lean with a powerful chest, the rare Sarail hound has been treasured in Bangladesh for centuries. But the dogs -- believed to have descended from English greyhounds and sighthounds owned by Mughal-era feudal landlords, or from hunting dogs brought by Arab traders -- are dwindling in numbers with just dozens remaining in the South East Asian country, according to some estimates.
8 Mar 2021
Iraq's Christian minority has dealt with decades of persecution — and many are skeptical about whether a four-day visit by Pope Francis will make a difference.
28 Mar 2021
African elephant populations have decreased dramatically over the past decades, due to the illegal ivory trade and habitat loss, an NGO has said. Conservationists say only 415,000 elephants remain on the continent.