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Rapists deserves more than castration – Rep Gudaji Kazaure

Rapists deserves more than castration - Rep Gudaji Kazaure


3 Oct 2018
In Rotherham, northern England, several trials in connection with the massive sexual abuse of at least 1400 children and teenagers have begun. Most of the accused are men of Pakistani origin. More and more of the victims are telling their stories.
23 Dec 2018
There was uproar in the National Assembly as President Muhammadu Buhari walked into the hallowed chamber where he is billed to address the joint session of the Assembly for the presentation of the 2019 Appropriation Bill.
17 May 2019
APC Reps caucus distance self from Rep Gudaji Kazaure, endorse reappointment of Emefiele.
11 Jul 2019
How I raised my kids to guard against rapists - Senator Tinubu
7 Jun 2020
Nigerian Senate advocates stiffer penalties for rapists
8 Jun 2020
Rapists deserves more than castration - Rep Gudaji Kazaure
25 Sep 2020
The wife of Kaduna State Governor has disclosed that she is fully in support of the new law of castrating individuals who the law finds guilty of rape.
17 Dec 2020
Pakistan's president has issued a new law intended to speed up sexual assault cases. It follows months of protests after the gang rape of a women in front of her children along a deserted highway near Lahore.
20 Mar 2021
Pakistan is considering "chemical castration" as a punishment for rapists and sex offenders. But is the method effective? What are the ethical implications? European countries have varying experiences.
19 Nov 2021
The Pakistani parliament has approved the law against sexual assault to allow courts to order chemical castrations — a punishment rights groups and lawyers called cruel.