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Politicians are holding the nation to ransom – Emir Of kano

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06 Apr 2017   |   5:24 am   |   0m 31s
Politicians are holding the nation to ransom - Emir Of kano

  • vincentumenyiora

    Why not somebody advise them to study my new political leadership submitted to the (SGF’s) office and the of the SENATE’s by hand on 2nd February 2015 solution is better for Nigeria because the aims amongst others, is to help tame the politicians really! you’re using my Option A-4 and it is working alright and you’ve just accepted the finger/ name reader machine both from my book and your so-called PhD INEC CHAIRMEN earn all the accolades and we are talking bout corruption also in high OFFICIALS of the government! SURPRISING AS WE SPEAK AND POST THESE COMMENTS, NOBODY EVEN IN THE PRESIDENCY HAS WONDERED AND INQUIRED IS THIS MAN TELLING THE TRUTH? The act devolves on crime of plagiarism – i.e.intellectual property privacy, which is part of The corruption Buhari is talking bout in NIGERIA, folks!

    FOR GOODNESS SAKE SAKE, THEY SHOULD PLEASE CALL for my new political leadership solution for Nigeria and you see what it portends!

  • vincentumenyiora

    RETURN TO THIS FEATURES I AM THINKING WHY NOT IN THE DISCUSSIONS ABOUT CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS, OR AMENDMENT, CONSIDER O REVERT OR A CROSS BETWEEN AMERICAN TYPE AND PARLIAMENTARY like I suggested it much earlier for Nigeria! We know why and how America came to decide on their own system before that British and France had existed and have subsisted to date without problems! Although the working/application of AMERICAN SYSTEM appears to the less informed on ‘winner takes all’ it is not exactly the case – to the uninformed Yes but, rules an regulations come into play to allow the OPPOSITION exercise influence on the policy proposals of the pay in power as you witness at end of every BUDGET PRESENTATION by the President – WHAT YOU DO NOT DO IN NIGERIA making you own presidential system assuming totally that ‘winner takes all’ syndrome in effect thus depriving the Opposition any say (Democratic) in the affairs of the people who voted for it – it is not surprising that you have defectors and cross carpets unchecked in Nigeria’s political system – they defect at will and sadly the INEC doesn’t know how to curb the atrocious acts!

    If you had an organised OPPOSITION there will be an organised ‘SHADOW cabinet’ against what you have in the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ arrangement and all the critiques and discussions outside the (NASS – PARLIAMENT) on TV ‘Good Morning and on the Channel TV-24’ will hopefully be channeled through the ‘Shadow cabinet’ arrangement in which case the discourse’ll be meaningful for Nigerian people and helping them as exactly of EMIR Sanusi has presented his case! SO FAR THE PRESIDENT HAS SAID and we have only heard from few critics outside the PARLIAMENT – NOT FROM THE OPPOSITION yet so, here ls part of the dangers and mistakes about NIGERIA’S PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM – winner take all in the very crude way/ manner! I agree that am not one of your advisers but as an observer of what is happening in the politicking the mistakes in the system are causing a lot of hindrances – stifles growth/ progress, and may not be abated that early as INEC doesn’t appear to know what the problems are untii something gives – part reason why Nigeria must be restructure, folks!

  • vincentumenyiora

    I mean you cannot mess with AMERICA because they have both laws and regulated compared ith what is happening Nigeria – you’re still talking about MAGU, BABACHIR DAVUD LAWAL and Prof. i. Sagay says the SENATE CANNOT SUBPOENA HIM TO BE ANSWERABLE! – HE HAS NOW ASSUMED TH POSITION OF THE “Pro-tempo” President of Nigeria and we now see DONALD J. TRUMP LOOSING GROUND IN AMERICA, folks!

  • John Tosh

    Meanwhile in Nigeria, Sanusi is a CIA asset and should please keep quiet. The CIA does what it wants, controls Nigeria’s senate by buying a few senators. They should be investigated for CIA Links. Everyone knows Clark, Atiku, El Rufai, Nnamani, and a bunch of others work for the Central Intelligence Agency. Why is the government not cracking down on these CIA agents and spies? Even Adams the Edo state Governor is on the list. Crack down on these CIA agents now.

    There should be a law against working for the CIA in Nigeria. China beware of your investments in Africa.. especially Nigeria. Russia must also be aware a new front has been opened by the CIA in Nigeria.

    A group of less than 50 Nigerian senators most of whom work for the Central Intelligence Agency just passed a law stating the Nigerian elections which have been hack-free has to be electronic. Electronic voting is the key to CIA manipulation of elections all over the world. What this means is, the CIA intends to install the next Nigerian president. There are a few CIA assets in Nigeria for example former president Atiku or El Rufai a governor of a state.

    The CIA intends to electronically hack Nigerian elections thereby installing CIA puppets as leaders of African countries. If this is allowed, then whole of Africa would become a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency and Russia China and a lot of countries would have to deal with the consequence.

    There are millions of people in Africa aware of this CIA plan and would approach the Chinese and Russians with various options. The CIA is only interested in destruction and chaos because in such a system, they are supreme and no one can stop them

  • vincentumenyiora

    SEE WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT; often the ex-Military Heads of State (did not go through transmutation like they do in France) do not and can not see the policy intentions that clearly and they call in advisers from the ‘Kitchen Cabinet – was exemplified under Sani Abacha with his own Constitution Conference where Dr. Alex Ekwueme and Malam Tanko Yakassai participated ‘ who help to muddle things up the more so, the earlier they can get familiar with the idea in my New political leadership solution and accept it as the better ‘option’ for Nigeria – think about the ‘Option A-4’ evolved far back in 1991/2 for the 1993 June 12th elections only to be re-activated first in the 6th March Anambra State 2010 and by 2015 general election and is now acknowledged even (importantly) for your party Primaries – amazing, folks!

    I very much doubt how many in Nigeria really understand the Big problems that confront the growth of economic and political progress in Nigeria? Looking critically at the formation and structure of the system you practice you can see the contradictions thus: – In the civil service structure you have very in most cases very highly qualified teams education qualification-wise – the PhD holders and those with years of experience on the seats but, on the other hand – i.e the political leaderships you have those not that equally educated or qualified such that whatever policy proposals coming from the civil service you discover are often truncated when such get to the tables of your political leaders! This is happening across the spectrum from the STATES TO THE FEDERAL CENTER – the Local Government we know (the roles they should play in Nigeria) is still none-existent even though it is on the Constitution!

    So, we now hear from Obasanjo talk about corruption being worse after his own tenure in office but he quickly forgets that he was advised about ‘Due Process’ and he abandoned the idea/ policy no sooner he realized that if carried on with the policy, he could not cheat the system and we saw what he did to Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala the able Finance Minister! And we had inquiries during Jonathan’s tenure in office by the NSS regarding the railway and Energy Contracts and the reports of the findings not y et published and the figures we were told were inflated! You’ll recall I described what is happening in Nigeria as predicated on the “Share-cropping mendacity – Agbata’ekee” with DESPOTS as the leaders – THOSE WITH LESS EDUCATION AND OR EXPERIENCE, and propped up with a ‘Plutocratic’ arrangement – Serfdom!

    You now see why there is the need for you to study carefully the ‘New political leadership solution I handed in on 2nd February in the SGF’s and Senate President’s Offices in ABUJA! Worse still the arrangement with ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ without a corresponding ‘Shadow Cabinet’ leaves a lot to be decipher/ desired for Nigeria! You can see where part of that ‘cacophony and the phrase Nigeria in a QUANDARY’ afflicting even the PhD holders came from, folks! Whoever is now advising the Presidency and the Ken Nnamani’s Committee on the Election and Constitutional amendments and the possible reforms thereof, should please study my New political leadership solution and see what can be done with it for Nigeria or you’ll remain in the DOLDRUMS for that long yet – in the STOP and GO! position!!

  • vincentumenyiora

    Here is something you probably do not know or have not thought about; I’ll urge that you persuade Gen. Y. Gowon and Dr. Bamanga Tukur to produce my publications handed to them in London and you see what can be done with the recommendations in the books particularly (vis-a-vis) the appointments of Emirs in Nigeria and the role they should be playing – Emir Lamido Sanusi II APPEARS TO FALL WITHIN MY THINKING AND ANOTHER INTERESTING ASPECT OF THE PUBLICATION TOUCHES ON CORRUPTION AND HOW TO CURB IT IN NIGERIA – the medicine for the crime possibly resembles an intravenous treatment in its effectiveness! I listened to Prof. Tony Ogiamien this morning on NTA’S Akiowo’s program and he talked about Senate and SEPARATION of Powers and Sec. 89 Says finally, Senate ‘shall’ not will! so it’s mandatory, whoever ia advising the Presidency!

  • vincentumenyiora

    Somebody suggested I should send another copy to the Presidency but they too do not acknowledge correspondences and i SENT THEM SOMETHING ALREADY IN 4th JUNE 2015 AND WE ARE IN 2017 NO REPLY SO, HERE IS PART OF THE PROBLEMS!

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