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Ooni of Ife condemns operation python dance

By Channels
17 Sep 2017   |   5:30 am   |   2m 54s
Ooni of Ife condemns operation python dance.

  • Favour Myfame

    i don know what is happening in this country why?…every body just keep quit ..seeing all this killings in south east ok..all i know is that GOD will revenge for all this mess ….i reed some news on this website.. ….do you know that terrible things is happening in the south east may GOD forgive us

  • Olumide Ojo
    • objwriters&analysts

      You might want to help him to be ‘well guided’. He says he does not accept ‘python dance’, meaning he is against use of intimidation,military force and killing to solve agitation against economic and political injustice. That is his opinion and position, not yours!

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