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Judges met to influence justice Ademola’s Case – Okoi Obono-Obla

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10 April 2017   |   11:28 am
Judges met to influence justice Ademola's Case - Okoi Obono-Obla


12 Apr 2019
Ademola Oshodi on "Buhari wants Africa, Middle East to focus on viable process".
13 Jul 2019
Worried by the delay in the dispensation of justice in criminal cases, some stakeholders have advocated for the appointment of more Judges to handle criminal cases in Nigeria.
9 Jul 2019
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and President Patrice Talon of Benin have signed a landmark African trade pact at the African Union Summit in Niger.
24 Jul 2019
CAN President, Ayokunle, warns judges, lawyer against bribe-taking
3 Aug 2019
German carmaker BMW had appealed against a European Commission decision to limit state aid for developing electric and hybrid cars at its Leipzig plant. The Commission reduced the amount of the grant to less than half.
11 Nov 2019
Road users in Lagos, particularly those who commute between the Island and Mainland, will have a tough traffic experience in the next few weeks.
29 Dec 2019
Poland's parliament has passed a bill that would allow the government to punish judges critical of controversial court reforms. The measure may lead to Poland being penalized by the EU.
28 May 2020
The European Union recently launched a legal case against Poland after saying the country was seeking to muzzle judges. Amid this, a place at the head of the Supreme Court is up for grabs.
9 Jun 2020
In Poland, opposition to the government's authoritarian tendencies has found a new form of expression: rap music. Musicians, opposition figures, judges and journalists are using rap to denounce attempts to muzzle the courts and media.
2 Jul 2021
A Danish man, known only as Herman H, has been acquitted of charges of murder and attempted murder. He was accused of killing a German backpacker on a Baltic Sea ferry 34 years ago.
22 Aug 2021
Poland has met an EU deadline regarding the closure of a chamber tasked with disciplining judges. But it said it would find other ways of making sure judges kept to the law.
16 Oct 2021
Thousands of Salvadorans march in San Salvador against the use of bitcoin in the economy and against a decree that ordered the dismissal of a third of the nation’s judges.