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Ikorodu killing – Eyewitness says 7-year old boy beheaded

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20 June 2017   |   4:56 am
Ikorodu killing - Eyewitness says 7-year old boy beheaded.


5 Mar 2017
The Philippine military says it had recovered the body of an elderly German hostage who was beheaded by Islamic militants last week.
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A hijacked truck ploughs into a crowd of people outside a busy department store in central Stockholm, causing "deaths" in what the prime minister described as a "terror attack.
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Man arrested after van hits pedestrians near London mosque - eyewitness videos.
20 Jun 2017
Ikorodu killing - Eyewitness says 7-year old boy beheaded.
21 Jun 2017
A station employee who witnessed the attempted attack on Brussels Central Station on Tuesday said the attacker screamed 'God is greater' in Arabic.
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Eyewitness account of Nigerian killed in springs town SA.
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14 Jan 2020
An eyewitness recounts an attack at a primary school in eastern Kenya by suspected Al-Shabaab Islamists that left three teachers dead. The assailants also torched a police post and damaged a telecoms mast in the attack in Kamuthe, 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of the town of Garissa.