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APDA is set to fight impunity – Mohammed Shittu

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19 August 2017   |   5:00 am
APDA is set to fight impunity - Mohammed Shittu.


3 Jan 2017
6 Jun 2017
New political party - Nwayanwu, Dokpesi, others unveil APDA.
19 Aug 2017
APDA is set to fight impunity - Mohammed Shittu.
23 Aug 2017
In Morocco, a video of a young woman being sexually assaulted has reignited a bitter debate about violence against women.
29 Aug 2017
The hearing of the interlocutory motion filed before an Abuja High Court to determine the authentic National Chairman and National Secretary of the newly registered Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance has been stalled due to two counsels’ claim to the legal representation of the party.
11 Jan 2018
France 24's Pakistani correspondent Taha Siddiqui is beaten by a gang of armed men in what's seen as an attempt to intimidate critics of the military establishment.
25 Mar 2018
Delay in 2018 budget passage result of reckless impunity - analyst.
21 Oct 2018
After regaining his freedom from police detention, Member representing Gurara/Suleja/Tafa on Thursday thanked the House of Representatives for intervening to secure his prompt release.
8 Jun 2019
Cameroon Anglophone crisis: near impunity for violence and abuses against civilians
23 Jun 2019
A culture of impunity and organized crime have made life dangerous for many in Guatemala. As citizens went to the polls, DW sat down with Helen Mack Chang to discuss the situation for activists in the country.
23 May 2020
Today, in ‘Inside Stuff,’ multi-award-winning columnist and Executive Head of The Guardian's Editorial Board, Martins Oloja discusses Covid-19 impunity and apologies. He takes a critical look at the problems and quarries why people do not take responsibility for their actions and inactions.
6 Nov 2021
In more than 80% of cases involving murdered journalists, the killers are never brought to justice. A tribunal set up by press freedom NGOs wants to stop this impunity and call governments to account, as well.