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APC Senator blasts Buhari, says his administration worse than Jonathan’s

By OakTV
04 Jul 2018   |   9:36 am   |   1m 16s
APC Senator blasts Buhari, says his administration worse than Jonathan's.

  • princegab

    Impeach buhari now.

  • Obaeze

    …so Jonathan’s regime has become a yardstick for measuring disaster and corruption… na warwo

    • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

      Inaa, GEJ’s regime can never be better than the present one in corruption and practice of corruption and massive looting of treasury of Nigeria, shikinah!

    • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

      GEJ’s regime was marred by impunity and massive looting though he distributed appointments liberally to every part of Nigeria just like OBJ. This is what is lacking that has to be corrected by this administration. This is because those not benefiting are getting frustrated. The same complaint is being shown by nPDP transformed into R-APC. Let Mr President do sthn fast about reconciling all these and get the country going.

  • M1

    I could not even hear a word of what he was saying. This dude is a senator??

    • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

      Hate speech, Bros stop talking like that. Bottled anger might making him fume the way he was doing!There may be some sense in what he was saying or not. It calls for soul searching by Mr President. If things being said are real then let him adjust for good! A friend from NW recently said that other than 3 states of Kano, Kaduna and Katsina(KKK states) that no other state or people are benefiting from PMB’s administration. Just as the entire SE states do not have anyybody in Service Chief position and yet Mr President reappointed them at end of their tenure and since then the security situation in the country has gone from worse to worst. Our dear prsident should look into what noly what Sens/;Misau and Marafa are agitating for butalso he with his executives has to consider complaints of R-APC group and that of the Igbo statesfor service chiefs positions and positions in NNPC and civil servic. He needs populated APC to win the election and not just only members of his kitchen cabinet made up of some Govs, ministers and others, those who would want maybe only greater Kano or Kaduna or Katsina or only Aeiwa. Truth is bitter!

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