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South Korea to fine BMW $10 million over engine fires

24 December 2018   |   12:41 pm
BMW has recalled millions of cars worldwide with a faulty exhaust gas recirculation cooler. South Korea's Transport Ministry accuses the automaker of dragging its feet on the recall.


15 Dec 2019
People took to the streets in France for a second day of nationwide general strikes. Protests over Macron's pension proposals turned violent on Thursday with people starting fires and clashing with police.
15 Dec 2019
Train travel in France has been severely disrupted by a nationwide strike that trade unions say could continue into next week. The unions are protesting government plans to end early retirement.
29 Dec 2019
The German opposition is accusing Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer of "gambling away" public funds over his failed plan to introduce a road tax for foreigners only. The government is facing an astronomical lawsuit.
29 Dec 2019
French travelers heading home for the holidays faced canceled trains and packed roads, as a strike over pension reform showed no signs of easing. Macron urged for a "truce" and for striking workers to act "responsibly."
12 Jan 2020
Déjà vu: New novel ‘The Art of Regret’ is set during 1995 French transport strikes.
20 Feb 2020
The Federal Executive Council (FEC) Wednesday approved N1.4 billion for 180 marine fenders used for preventing ships or boats from colliding with each other. Minister of State for Transportation, Ms. Gbemisola Saraki disclosed this while briefing State House correspondents at the end of the weekly FEC meeting chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. She said the new fenders are to replace the ones currently in use, which have deteriorated over time.
2 Mar 2020
Luxembourg has become the first country in the world to provide public transport for free. The small EU hub aims to boost tram, train and bus usage and rid itself of traffic jams blamed on commuters using private cars.
28 Apr 2020
As of this morning, Germans must wear masks on public transportation to protect the onmselves and other passengers from COVID-19.
1 May 2020
Free masks are distributed to public transport users to curb the possible spread of coronavirus.
13 May 2020
Moscow's streets remain depopulated despite thousands of employees heading back to work. More than 500,000 Moscow employees in industry and construction have been authorized to return to work.
9 Jun 2020
Lawmaker blast transport minister Rotimi Amaechi over loan plan
30 Oct 2020
Wearing a mask becomes mandatory in crowded areas and on public transport throughout Russia, after the country registered a record daily spike in virus deaths. Russia has the fourth-highest virus caseload in the world.