Wednesday, 5th October 2022

Post-Brexit UK: No milkshakes and fewer chicken sandwiches

A lack of qualified drivers combined with tough visa regulations are slowing down the country's supply chains. Food retailers like McDonald's have been hit. The Christmas season could stretch things to the limit.


12 Jan 2017
London-based start-up Aeropowder is developing a method to turn thousands of tonnes of waste chicken feathers into useful materials, including an effective thermal insulator.
19 Feb 2017
South African farmers are protesting against an influx of cheap chicken brought in from the EU. The poultry industry says thousands of jobs are at risk because they can't compete on price.
10 Aug 2017
An inflatable chicken with Trump-like hair spotted outside the White House on Wednesday.
18 Sep 2017
British police raided an eatery in west London late on Sunday in connection with the bomb attack on a train at Parsons Green underground station on Friday.
2 Jan 2018
Israeli researchers develop a way to mimic coal formation by heating wet chicken waste, potentially providing an alternative energy source to the fossil fuel and find a use for growing amounts of waste from poultry.
12 Jan 2018
Researchers are collecting wet poultry waste and heating it in a bio-mass pressure cooker to mimic coal formation to generate energy.
5 Apr 2018
A culinary controversy on UK's MasterChef has even got the Malaysian PM involved!
13 Nov 2018
Guests respond to today's MLIV Question of The Day, "which asset will win out from the Italy-EU game of chicken?"
31 Jan 2019
British lawmakers have told Theresa May to reopen negotiations on a controversial provision within her Brexit withdrawal deal. The European Union says it's not interested in fresh talks. Read the latest here.
19 Apr 2019
A study has found half of chicken meat at discount supermarkets is contaminated with antibiotic-resistant germs that pose a major health risk. The results indicate antibiotics are overused at industrial poultry farms.
7 Jun 2019
Without Brexit, Theresa May might never have occupied 10 Downing Street. It let her in, chewed her up with help from all sides, and spat her out. But Brexit isn't done, neither as a policy nor a political career killer.
19 Jun 2019
Try these tips to make the perfect Southern fried chicken! Use a buttermilk-based brine and let the chicken sit for 12 hours.