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Nigeria cocoa output seen rebounding

20 Sep 2017   |   4:56 am   |   6m 12s
According to the head of the Cocoa Association of Nigeria, the output for the new season which starts in October is expected to hit between 300,000 tonnes and 320,000 tonnes - up sharply from the season just ended.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Keep it up. But where are the groundnut pyramids and mounds of cotton of the North? Where are the timber logs we used to see? Not doing anything about them will amount to shooting oneself in the leg. Oil is going and very soon there will be nothing to share off it. We should be withdrawing from relying on proceeds of oil sales and going back to the agric. sector. It is the gold mine most available to Nigeria, since we barely have any thriving manufacturing base, no thanks to poor power output. If the North fails to go back and rebuild it’s industrial sector comprising the groundnut pyramids, cotton, hides and skins along it’s rice paddies, it would have itself to blame. Oil is going, invest monies derived from it to drastically increase the amount of power output to help grow the manufacturing sector and then build more roads/rail lines. Magana giari ce…

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