Thursday, 23rd March 2023

German court upholds Russian Rosneft subsidiary takeover

The court dismissed complaints from the Russian oil giant questioning the legality of the takeover. At the time, Rosneft accounted for some 12% of Germany's oil refining capacity.


27 Mar 2018
Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont is awaiting to hear his fate at a courth in Germany following a European arrest warrant issued by Spain for his role in the declaration of independence.
29 Apr 2018
Making migrants undergo medical tests to determine their actual age has become a topic of heated debate in Germany. There are concerns older migrants are pretending to be minors in order to have better chances of staying in the country.
29 Nov 2018
A German artist has sued the city of Mannheim for removing her creations from its art gallery. Germany's highest civil and criminal court is now considering the case.
22 Dec 2018
The right-wing activist had urged people to arm themselves against migrants. A judge said he had used used racist sentiment to help sell the illegal weapons.
3 Apr 2019
Germany's highest criminal court has ruled that doctors do not have to pay damages for prolonging life by artificial means. A son had sued a doctor for keeping his father alive for years with a feeding tube.
20 Apr 2019
Justices will hear arguments this week on whether physicians can aid terminally ill patients in ending their own lives. The current law has put the government at odds with standing court decisions and public opinion.
22 Sep 2019
People have to live with leaves falling from their neighbor's trees, a German court has ruled. But tree owners do have to stick to some regulations.
14 Nov 2019
A German city seized a pug from an indebted family and sold her on eBay, but her new owner soon noticed the dog had an eye infection and had to pay for the surgery. A court will now decide if the city owes compensation.
5 May 2020
Germany's constitutional court has ruled that the European Central Bank's stimulus program partly contravenes German law, because neither the German government nor parliament signs off on the spending.
12 Feb 2021
Topping Google's search rankings is the dream of online publishers far and wide. Germany's government found a shortcut to the summit for its new health website, but a court in Munich has dragged it back down for now.
25 Feb 2021
Walaa faces more than 10 years in prison. He is believed to have been the de facto leader of "Islamic State" in Germany and has been convicted of recruiting for the terror group.
14 Mar 2021
An ongoing legal challenge brought by the Alternative for Germany is holding up the domestic intelligence agency's plans to monitor the party.