Saturday, 28th May 2022

Bayer to sell chemicals unit Currenta for €3.5 billion

The sale is part of Bayer's plan to divest from non-strategic ventures, after its purchase of US firm Monsanto. Bayer has been dogged by a wave of lawsuits after the merger, which has sent its shares tumbling.


15 Feb 2020
Some of the world's rarest and most expensive whiskies have gone on sale starting Friday 7th February in an online auction of a private collection amassed by a late US soft drink bottling tycoon. The Whisky Auctioneer company said its "Perfect Collection", which was built by the late Pepsi bottling company executive Richard Gooding, includes 100-year-old bottles believed to be worth more than a £1 million.
25 Feb 2020
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that India will buy $3 billion worth of military equipment, including attack helicopters, as the two countries deepen defense and commercial ties in an attempt to balance the weight of China in the region.
1 Mar 2020
Bombardier bets against 'flight shame' with train sale. With the sale of its rail unit, the Canadian company has gambled on its private jet business for survival. Why is Bombardier betting it all on a mode of travel that is constantly disparaged by climate change activists?
1 Jul 2020
President Emmanuel Macron announced Friday that France would return 26 works of art to Benin, hours after he was presented with a report calling for thousands of African artworks in French museums and taken during the colonial period to be returned.
13 Aug 2020
An Israeli jewelry company is working on what it says will be the world’s most expensive face mask against the coronavirus. The gold and diamond-encrusted face mask will be yours with a price tag of $1.5 million.
22 Aug 2020
The payout comes after 39,000 claims suggested usage of the device, named Essure, resulted in internal injuries. Bayer said the settlement is not "an admission of wrongdoing."
31 Aug 2020
China has updated a list of technologies banned for export to include categories that could apply to the video-sharing app TikTok. This would give Beijing the last word on whether the app must sell its US business.
5 Sep 2020
China has updated its list of technologies that are banned or restricted for export, complicating the looming sale of social media platform TikTok. TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance has been forced to seek a US buyer after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively banning the app over national security concerns. So far, Oracle and a partnership between Microsoft and Walmart have thrown their hats into the ring to buy up the wildly popular video-sharing app.
13 Sep 2020
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15 Nov 2020
An extremely rare, purple-pink diamond mined in Russia, which Sotheby's described as "a true wonder of nature," sold for $26.6 million Swiss francs on Wednesday (November 11), the auction house said.
28 Nov 2020
Japanese trend-setters can now protect against the coronavirus in luxurious style with opulent masks adorned with diamond and pearls for a cool million yen ($9,600) each.
10 Dec 2020
Lab-grown chicken will soon be available in restaurants in Singapore after the country became the first to green-light meat created without slaughtering any animals.